How to Access All Secret Rooms in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Have you ever bought a mystery gift from the shop but cant find the secret room to do it in? Well this Guide is for you! Going through all the secret types! Like Super Secret, Secret and Ultra secret rooms!

Normal Secret Rooms

The Thing about normal secret rooms is that well, there pretty normal! They sometimes have Pick ups or Items, These items can either be pretty crap or pretty OP (My favourite being rock bottom) however dont expect only items be in the secret room! There are also Pick-ups like coins, keys or bombs just the regular! (A strat mega big brain gamers use) Make sure to Grab a mystery gift, Reverse stars , Reverse Judgement, normal judgement, moving box and a pondoras box for RE-ROLLS! Like I said before Some Secret items are crap so big brain Isaac gamers try to get as much items as possible in to the secret room to re roll to get REALLY good items! (it is also recommended to grab a Reverse judgement (Reverse judgement spawns a re roll machine) for more re rolls! Also Secret rooms can legit be at any floor! exceptions are the ascent and Home but you can still access red rooms there! One more thing is that all the secret room entrances have a little broken wall except the dark room.

Now lets get to FINDING a secret room!

Make sure when going for a secret room to check if theres a missing gap in between the walls for a secret room, BUT WAIT! look around the secret room for any mushrooms, blocks, skulls or gaps blocking the entrance to the secret! The secret room wont be there if there is something blocking the entrance!

And if the level layout doesnt have anything between the walls it will be spawned next to a room with no room on the other side!

Super Secret Rooms

Super Secret rooms are weird in a way! They can be found by its self and no rooms around it to enter in from the Super secret room, they can be found right next to a boss room and a dead end including skinny room dead ends. There contents dont have any items (No mega chests dont count) only have Bums, blood donation machine, mega chests and angel statues! They have the same pool as the Normal secret room so putting your mystery gift in there is completely ok, and thats about it! There is no reason to go to super secret rooms there mega useless unless your stranded and you cant find your Normal secret room or your out of money or something and need to grab a mega chest.

Ultra Secret Rooms

OOoooo secret red rooms! while Normal secrets can be found out in the wild you need Soul of cain, red key shard or red key to find the Ultra secret!

BIG DISCLAIMER!!! Red rooms can be actual rooms from (lets call it the outside) Like treasure rooms, shops, cures rooms AND SECRET ROOMS! they are NOT ultra secret rooms!


Ultra secret rooms can be found one room from the outside and one inside room from the inside thus leading a little room for ultra secret room!

You see the pool for Ultra secret rooms are red items! before im pretty sure it was anything, but red items makes it a bit better!

Finally you can enter secret rooms for free not using bomb!

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