How to Beat All Bosses in Magical Valkyrie Lyristia

In the game Magical Valkyrie Lyristia, there are several bosses that require specific decisions and strategies to defeat. Here is a guide to help you navigate each boss battle:

First Boss Battle: Fakker Storm

  • Decision: Don’t enter the building until you have found and eliminated all three ambush squads.
  • Strategy: Counter until Lyristia reaches 100 magic, then use Lyr Tornado to defeat Fakker Storm.

Second Boss: Fakker Subcommander

  • Decision: Rush in to prevent him from summoning reinforcements.
  • Strategy: Make sure the subcommander ends each round without any henchmen. If he has one at the start of a round, use Rush to eliminate it. Repeat this until he is alone, then use Smash Kick. Once you reach 60 magic and he is alone, use Lyr Step. Finish him with Lyr Tornado when you have 100 magic and he is alone.

Third Boss: Commander

  • Decision: Submit to prevent Lyristia from losing automatically.
  • Strategy: Keep enough EP for Lyristia to use Burst to escape the Commander’s grapples. Use Counter to defeat the henchmen. The Commander is vulnerable to Smash Kick’s stun, so use it when he is alone. Reach 100 magic and use Lyr Tornado to finish him off.

Fourth Boss: Brosh

  • Strategy: Use normal punches and save EP for Stia Bursts. Attempt to break free normally from his tongue grapple, but if you fail twice, use Stia Burst on the third round. Bring energy fragments to replenish EP. Use Lyr Tornado when you reach 100 magic.

Fifth Boss: Duschlong

  • Strategy: Choose “Push Back” when he attempts a “grab” grapple and “Dodge” when he attempts a “tackle” grapple. This will cause his grapples to fail. Fight him using Lyr Slash, Lyr Step, normal punches, and Rush. Use Lyr Tornado when you reach 100 magic.

Final Boss: Samuraider

  • Strategy: Counter and Smash Kick don’t work on him. Avoid using Lyr Tornado, as it results in an automatic loss. Use Lyr Slash, Lyr Step, normal punches, and Rush. Bring extra barrier Crystals to withstand his multiple-hit attacks.

Remember to manage Lyristia’s EP and use Burst to escape grapples when necessary. By following these strategies, you should have a better chance of defeating each boss in Magical Valkyrie Lyristia. Good luck!

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