How to Beat Laxasia in Lies Of P

This guide will show you how beat Laxasia, The Complete in Lies of P. Laxasia is actually the first boss you meet at Arche Abbey. However, in the overall game, she’s encountered much later. She serves as Simon Manus, Awakened God’s bodyguard, another boss you’ll face later. Laxasia appears as a humanoid figure inside a steel cage, standing tall with a shield on her back and wielding a giant sword capable of summoning Electric Shocks.

Where to Find Laxasia

You can find Laxasia in an open field near the Arche Abbey Prayer Room. To reach her, go through the prayer room and activate the Stargazer. Inside the prayer room, there’s an elevator. Get in and activate it to go up. At the top, you’ll find the Stargazer on your left, and the door leading to Laxasia will be right in front of you.

How to Beat Laxasia

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Phase 1:

In the initial stage of the battle, Laxasia, the Complete, moves slowly but her attacks inflict significant damage. Avoid her sword swings as they can be devastating. She has a varied set of moves, so stay vigilant.

One thing to be cautious of is her tendency to chain moves together, pausing briefly between them to catch you off guard. Be attentive as her combo only concludes when she rests her sword on her shoulder.

Laxasia also possesses area-of-effect (AoE) attacks, with one of her favorites involving charging towards you while dragging her electrified sword and then swinging it. The trail created by her sword will continue to emit electric sparks even after the attack is over. To evade this, move swiftly to the side, avoiding the sparks.

Furthermore, she will perform a single sword swing that leaves charged bolts on the ground, shooting them towards you. The safest strategy is to retreat to avoid them, but there’s some space between each charge where you can stand safely.

Look for opportunities between her attacks to land hits, but don’t get too greedy and always be prepared to dodge.

Phase 2:

In the second phase, Laxasia, The Complete, discards her armor and raises her shield. You can actually break her shield in Phase 1, preventing her from using it in Phase 2. To compensate, she becomes faster and more dangerous, unlocking her full electric potential.

Your best defense here is blocking her attacks, but you must time it precisely. As Phase 2 begins, Laxasia will unleash multiple Aerial Ranged Electric Attacks, flying up and hurling lightning balls your way. Perfect Guard or parry a lightning bolt, and it will harm her instead, potentially dealing significant damage.

Pay close attention to her Fury attacks, which she uses more frequently than other bosses. Back away when her chain of attacks in Phase 1 has extended, as her Fury attack is imminent.

She often deploys her Fury attack shortly after her initial lightning ball barrage. After deflecting the lightning bolts towards her, create some distance to anticipate her next move.

After defeating Laxasia, you’ll gain access to the next Stargazer on the Ascension Bridge. The rewards include Sad Zealot’s Ergo and 16,550 Ergo.

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