How to Beat the Final Boss in Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya

Combining known food combinations for the final boss battle and sharing a few helpful tips to assist you in completing it!

General Tips

Prepare yourself adequately for this challenging boss fight. Take as much time as you need to acquire the necessary ingredients and tools before attempting the final boss event. There is no limit to the number of days you can spend on preparations.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure you have enough ingredients to make at least 50 servings of three expensive food items. These dishes should ideally be made with common ingredients that are easy to find or purchase.
  • Have a diverse range of ingredients in your inventory, including those you haven’t used before. They might come in handy during the battle.
  • If your izakaya (Japanese pub) is usually located in the same place, try operating it in different locations to gather information on rare guests. Any special or DLC guests will not appear during the final boss event, so you can ignore them.
  • Purchase a full stock of “Fairy Maid Selling Leftovers” at the shrine as it contains some useful ingredients.
  • Check if you have the gold and night sparrow tools, which are immensely helpful. You can buy them at the Human Village.

Once your preparations are complete, open a level 3 izakaya anywhere and create a preset with your three expensive food items, preferably made with common ingredients that are easily accessible. Here are my choices:

  • Kabayaki lampreys
  • Tonkotsu ramen
  • Dumplings Additionally, include four to five expensive drinks (priced between 40 and 100 yen) that you have in abundance, along with all the tools you intend to use. Make sure to add duplicates of each tool, rather than just one.

On the following day, prepare ten servings of each of the three chosen food items so that you can potentially serve all the customers in phase 1 without needing to cook during the fight. Now, let’s move on to the final boss battle!

Phase 1

During this phase, you’ll be serving regular guests who will request one food item and one drink from your menu. They may place multiple orders.

  • Load your preset with only the three expensive food items and the four to five expensive drinks, along with your tools.
  • While serving the food and drinks in this phase, try to cook additional items for phase 2 as well. This will be explained in the next paragraph.

Phase 2

This phase can be quite challenging. You’ll encounter special guests and must aim to earn reward spell cards by preparing dishes that have more than 2-3 tags the guests prefer, including one tag they specifically requested. You need to collect five reward spell cards to complete this round. It’s crucial to understand what you’re doing because time is limited. Every ten seconds, a punishment spell card belonging to a character currently present in your izakaya will activate. Some punishments are mild, while others may prevent you from cooking for a few seconds (wasting precious time) or scare away the customer you were serving, or even all customers except the user of the spell card. Try to serve the most challenging guests with dishes they at least partially enjoy, so they leave your izakaya as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that this phase involves some element of randomness. Good luck, as you’ll definitely need it!

  • Retain the three starting items from phase 1. (A spell card can prevent you from cooking three items among the ones you add to the menu.)
  • While preparing the required dishes, attempt to cook other items as well since the guests who desire those dishes may appear at some point.
  • Some guests may place 2-3 orders. If you know their preferences, you’ll have an advantage. Just ensure they don’t request different items each time. For example, if a character wants a Non-Alcoholic drink, you cannot give them a Low-Alcohol one, even if it includes another tag they like.

Now, here are some combinations I have personally tested and confirmed to work:

Wriggle: Salmon steak with egg and cicada meat, paired with a fruity highball. Suika: Boiled tofu with meat daikon and tengu tango. Reimu: Riceball with lunar herb premium tuna, served with either scarlet tea or cassia wine. Rumia: Tonkotsu ramen with an egg, accompanied by Mio. Hieda no Akyuu: Dumplings with tuna, combined with tengu tango. Hieda no Akyuu: Rice ball with premium tuna and tofu, along with tengu tango. Chen: Pork and trout kebab with honey, complemented by Mio. Keine: Tangyuang with meat, paired with Sangetsusei or divine wheat (Note: The drink combination with divine wheat is untested).

The following combination was recommended on Steam, but I haven’t personally tested it: Patchouli: Udumbara Cake or Unconscious Youkai Mousse, combined with Mio (Note: The drink combination with Mio is untested).

Additionally, here are some combinations that have not worked consistently but may be worth experimenting with:

Wriggle: Tonkotsu ramen with cicada honey, served with a fruity highball (might work with a night sparrow tool).

And here are some combinations that guests like but require additional tags to be successful. You could try adjusting them:

Mokou: Hodgepodge, accompanied by Mio. Ice Fairy: Scarlet Devil Cake, paired with a fruity sour. Chen: Lamprey or Kabayaki lampreys with honey, and scarlet tea. Patchouli: Dumplings, along with Mio. Hieda no Akyuu: Dumplings without tofu, combined with tengu tango. Hieda no Akyuu: Pink rice ball (remove the “hot” tag to potentially make it work) with tuna, served with Sangetsusei. Kaguya: Dumplings with ramune. Inaba: Small portion of trout with affogato.

Phase 3

Congratulations on reaching this stage! In Phase 3, your goal is to serve Yuyuko a substantial amount of food until she is satisfied. It seems that she prefers dishes that require five ingredients, possibly the event-specific ones you received approximately a week before the final boss battle. Make sure to add those dishes to your menu.

  • Include at least two grills and two pots, along with the two event-specific five-ingredient food items.
  • Consider adding or keeping tonkotsu ramen in your menu (a useful combination I used was ramen with cicada honey).
  • Cook a minimum of four food items simultaneously using the pots and grills. Ensure you never run out of food items and serve them promptly to Yuyuko.
  • By focusing solely on serving these dishes and not wasting time, you should be fine.
  • As for drinks, I served the Godfather, although I’m unsure if it makes a significant difference.

After the Boss Battle

After successfully defeating the boss, there might be an optional boss encounter. However, it is not necessary to complete the game. If you’ve made it this far and finished the boss fight, congratulations! Simply follow the instructions provided in the game’s journal, and it will guide you on how to trigger the final cutscene.

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