Star Wars: Squadrons

How to Cross-Play with Friends in Star Wars: Squadrons

Cross-play is becoming one of the most amazing features that are being added in most video games. Fortunately, EA has also included the cross-play feature in Star Wars: Squadrons to allow you to play the game with your friends.

But how can you invite your friends to play with you in Star Wars: Squadrons? Check out the guide below.

Star Wars: Squadrons

How to Co-op in Star Wars: Squadrons

In Star Wars: Squadrons, you have two ways to invite your friends for co-op. If you want to add any player you meet while playing the game, just select their name in the scoreboard, click “View Game Profile,” and select “Add to EA Friends”. This player will receive a notification, telling them that you added them.

If you want to invite someone who is not yet in your game, you can ask their EA ID then go to the Social Menu, then “Invitations” tab, and enter their EA ID in the search box. Click search and once you find them, just hit invite. Once they accept your request, they will be automatically added to your cross-play friend list.

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