How to Defeat Princess Kenny in South Park The Stick of Truth

If you’re struggling to defeat Princess Kenny, the final boss in South Park: The Stick of Truth, this guide may be just what you need.

How to Beat Princess Kenny

To start, Princess Kenny has two stages, so let’s focus on the first one. In normal form and Nazi form, Princess Kenny has around 36,000 HP. The first fight can be relatively easy if you use vulnerable attacks against her, but be aware that she also has various attacks of her own. Once defeated, she will transform into a Nazi Zombie, and this is where things get a bit more challenging. In the second stage, Princess Kenny becomes even stronger, so it’s essential to have some healing and support items on hand. It’s also worth noting that Princess Kenny will be revived if not held by Cartman. To defeat her, you’ll need to assemble your entire team and counter her interactive attacks correctly. If you do this successfully, you’ll be able to “fart on Princess Kenny’s balls,” ultimately ending the fight and beating the game.

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