How to Defeat Sophia in Temtem

Sophia is one of the bosses in Temtem fond of using water and wind-types of Tems in Arissola Dojo. You will be having a battle with her after you rescued her from the Windward Fort and after defeating Lady Lottie. In this guide, we will teach you the best counters that you can use to defeat Sophia in Temtem.

Sophia’s Temtem Squad

Sophia has a total of six Temtem for you to defeat and we’ll let you know what those Temtem are capable of and what skills from them you can expect. Here is the list of Temtem that you need to fight.

Kalabyss – Level 16
  • Weakness: Electric, Wind
  • Moves: Toxic Ink, Water Blade, Aqua Stone
Loali – Level 16
  • Weakness: Fire, Toxic
  • Moves: Urushiol, Toxic Spores
Sparzy – Level 15
  • Weakness: Crystal, Earth
  • Moves: Tesla Prison, Held Anger, Psychosis
Pigepic – Level 18
  • Weakness: Electric
  • Moves: Wind Burst, Heavy Blow
  • Weakness: Electric
  • Moves: Wind Burst
Oceara – Level 22
  • Weakness: Electric, Nature, Toxic
  • Moves: Ice Shuriken, Tsunami

Due to the types of Sophia’s Temtem, we recommend using Ganki, Saki, Loali, and Tuwai with a level higher than Level 20.

Pro Tip: Oceara’s Tsunami attack is an AoE attack that poses a big threat to your lineup. Make sure that your Ganki and the others have enough health to survive Tsunami. Using a Temtem with water resistance is highly recommended.

By Earl Stewart

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