Euro Truck Simulator 2

How to Discover 100% of the Map in Euro Truck Simulator 2

I detailed guide to help you get Pathfinder achievement in 2024


You have to be dedicated because this might become boring after some hours spent on this task!

This is a very time-consuming achievement and it will test your patience, persistence, and will to complete this challenge. It took me 110 hours of in-game time and 145 hours of real-time to complete it. It may take you less time and also it can take you longer. That depends on your routing, strategies, and overall capabilities to conquer it.

You were warned. Now let’s get into it!


I highly recommend you use the program Excel as your helping friend throughout your whole journey. Here you can map the whole progression you made on the map and also the things you have missed so it is easier to find it in the future.

It’s up to you if you use your truck or truck given to you by a company. I chose to go only with the truck given by the company. It is because I knew I would damage the truck and the repair of it is free and it does not bother me if the truck has 100% damage or 0%.

Complete Guide Of How I Did It

So there are two scenarios you might find yourself in. You either already spent some time in the game and you decided to do this achievement or you are dedicated to doing this from the very start.

This guide will go from the very beginning so it doesn’t matter where you will find yourself in. You should be able to find tips here that will help you.

Here are steps on how to approach it:

1. Divide the map into a smaller parts

This one is very easy. Just divide the map into the countries so can more easily track your progress in Excel.

2. Start with a ‘friendly’ country

What do I mean by ‘friendly’ country? If you spend some hours already in the game, you certainly notice that there are some countries where, if you approach a crossroad you will discover the whole crossroad and it doesn’t matter the direction you will come from. So I highly recommend to you to start with this type of country. Countries like this are: England, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands etc.

3. City discovery

Every city you enter, park your trailer anywhere and discover the whole city first. Then come back to your cargo and continue with your job.

Be careful, you must enter every yard in the city. That means if you drive past for example a Renault dealer, it will say on your screen that you discovered a Renault dealer, however the yard where the Renault dealer is will remain not discovered. Pay attention to that! Same for Recruitment Agencies. Even with the biggest zoom on the map, in some cities, you can’t see if you discovered that yard or not, because the icon on the map is bigger than the yard you are supposed to go to!!!

If I discover the whole city (in complicated cities like in Germany I mean also the crossroads which are around the city), I will mark the city with yellow color, If I’m missing any part in the city I mark it with green color. Blue color means I discovered every single inch of road in the whole country and I don’t have to come back there ever again. I write ‘All discovered’ if I discovered everything belonging to every city in the country.

4. Force yourself a new route

When you take a job, go to the menu a force your GPS to guide you through a new roads you haven’t discovered yet. It will save you a massive amount of time.

5. Make a lot of notes in Excel

This is by far the best thing you can do. This will basically guarantee you that you will not forget about anything you missed. Here is a screenshot of how I did it:

If you want to be organized like me, just write a country and under that write notes that correspond to the country. Repeat that for every country.

What you might have missed

Like the most obvious ones are gas stations or resting areas that you could have forgotten. Some gas stations are big and you need to drive through it from all the roads that the gas station has so that might be one you missed. But then there are some little parts you could have easily overlooked.

For example this one:

For the untrained eye, this seems like a fully discovered area, BUT if you open the screenshot and look on the right anchor sign, there is the tiniest grey area you can miss in the whole game. And I missed that too. My missing was a unique paradox. I always played having GPS on the biggest zoom. That zoom seems slightly more zoomed than the biggest zoom in the map menu. But my point is that when I exited I was zoomed on GPS and couldn’t see behind me on GPS. And to be fair I wasn’t expecting that there will be some not discovered path behind me because no other port worked in that way.

The next one:

I drew a little white square in the 90-degree angle turn. Be careful because there are a few of these in the game. If you cut the turn too sharply, it will remain not discovered. Again it is a very small part you might be having a hard time finding on a map.

Side note: You see the dashed road? That is a secret road and there are a few in the game. However, this is not needed to find because they don’t add any bonus % for discovery. They are cool but you can ignore them.

Another one:

This is between Verona and Innsbruck and again it is easily missable. I went from Innsbruck to Verona, watched the cutscene, and went away. But a few hours later when I was checking the map of my day’s progress I saw there a little grey dot. So I went back and cleared it.

Last one: No photo to this but be careful with roundabouts. Because there are some, where it can be easy to overlook a little grey area. But from the examples I have shown, these are way easier to spot.

Advanced tips

These are the tips that can save you a lot of time and are not needed to be done.

1. Fast travelling

I mean it a bit differently than you think. While on the job you might go through the road you already went through and there and you fully discover it. This means all gas stations rest areas etc. It will save you some time to just teleport to a city ahead of your job a skip a driving time.

Pro tip:

You are teleporting to a nearby city depending on where the location of your cargo is. That means if you have like one gas station in the different direction that you want to go it is easier to let cargo be, drive to discover that one gas station, and then use F7 and teleport to the city where you left your cargo and continue. If done correctly this saves a lot of time mainly if you are in a 90-100% explored map.

2. Saving the game

Saving a game takes almost no time and it is better to save at least after every completed job or any specific discovered part that took a long time to do. Also when you already know you are going to smash in 140km/h into a tree or you are going to flip, hit escape and save the game. You will spawn stationary and you will be okay.

This tip might come in handy if you go to discover in the opposite direction of the road and you create a traffic jam you can’t pass or can’t avoid mainly because you are on the normal road or highway which has barriers from both sides and all road lanes are full. Simply saving the game and then reloading it will despawn all the cars and your road is free.

3. Be productive

Let’s be honest, you will waste a lot of time here a LOT. Have videos from your YouTube Watch Later function playing in the background and listen to something from you can learn or laugh if you are playing alone. Or farm keys in Subway Surfers. Do what you want lol xD Just make your time spent on this challenge somehow productive. Because 150 hours of doing the same ♥♥♥♥ all over again is a lot of time to kill just for a single achievement.

4. Make yourself a big finale

I planned my finish quite some time ahead. I did come with the last route being the Großglockner route as the Grand Finale to celebrate it with the boys along me on the multiplayer mode. I have only Going East DLC and since I literally have been everywhere, this route is by far the nicest and coolest one. In the future when I think about this achievement, I will for sure remember my last route because it was memorable. Here is a screenshot of us on top xD

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