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How to Duel Sigurd and Get the 6th Ending in Your Chronicle

Beating Sigurd in a duel is required for the ‘Thirst for Victory’ ending and can be very difficult if not prepared properly. This guides attempts to outline the requirements and a general strategy on how to beat him and effectively win the sixth ending. (MINOR SPOILERS!)

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Dueling Sigurd is an event that takes place in in a Dungeon in the Academic City. This event however, only becomes available when certain prerequisites are met and even then you need to be very strong to beat him.

Hard requirements

  • Beating the Serious Spearma
  • After reincarnation, beat Serious Father before leaving the village
  • Choose the ‘Decline training’ option in the village

Recommended requirements

  • Have 50M levels in ‘Status Up’ on the Astral World page- Purchased all upgrades in the Astral World page
  • Finished all other endings at least 5 times (You need a lot of destiny)
  • Unlocked and fully leveled up all allies in the party (see next section)
  • Fully leveled up all equipment for the party (see next section)
  • Unlocked the title ‘Sense of Villain’
  • At least 10 Queue slots (clear pride reincarnations for this)
  • At least 5 auto eat slots (clear pride reincarnations for this)
  • At least 500 Envy levels in Max HP
  • At least 200 Envy levels in Physical Defense

Common routines

At this stage of the game I assume you automatically assign 1 Habit to practically each skill after a Dark Ritual or Reincarnation so I’m not going into full detail. If you want the details, check the Serious Spearman guide, referenced underneath Hard Requirements..Just make sure to invest Habit in everything sensible such as Familiar, Will, the various class skills and Energy to match your playstyle.

Keep killing the guardians for sin and complains and invest some gold into Sacred Ritual to get inspiration for more Status Up levels.

Grinding Gluttony

In the Academic City you’re very limited compared to all the bonuses on HP defense and attack that are still awaiting you after graduation. However, you can access those. The furthest you get is the Dragon’s Nest in the Ancient Ruins and the bonus is laughable compared to what you get in the Dragon Village.

This means that when you’re stuck in the Academic City, there is only one option left to beat Sigurd, Gluttony.


When I’m done with all other meaning full tasks in the areas available at that moment, I configure my Sloth Overlay as follows:Dungeon:

  1. Lostlorn Forest – Abyss (3x)
  2. Rocky Hill – Top (2x)
  3. Dragon’s Nest (1x)


  1. Milk Cow (1x)
  2. Harvest Wheat (2x)
  3. Catch Fish (1x)

Other (order is important here!):

  1. Make Firewood (1x)
  2. Make Bread (1x)
  3. Make Dessert Carnival (1x)
  4. Make Baked Apple (1x)
  5. Make Anchovy Sandwich (1x)


Put your auto eat slots on:

  • Milk (Physical Defense)
  • Egg (Not needed for Sigurd, but it helps the Satiety)
  • Anchovy Sandwich (Physical Defense)
  • Baked Apple (Max HP)
  • Dessert Carnival (Physical Defense and Max HP)

To get the Honey and Wood, make sure that the Queen Bee and Tree Golem are in your party when grinding Gluttony. For the dungeons, make sure that the first attacker in your party uses a quick attack that is not exhausting, e.g. Wind Step with high Wind regen, to speed up the dungeon grinding.

Note that it is helpful to have some Envy levels in Dungeon Reward to increase the yield of the dungeon bosses to boost the spead of gluttony grinding. Also make sure to put 2000+ levels in Greed – Dungeon Reward for an additional 45%+ bonus and optionally also in Greed – Drop chance+ to get also the loot drops from the bosses.

Dark Ritual

Keep doing your Dark Rituals as they reset the gluttony costs and increase your satiety.

Party lay-out

Sigurd is a warrior that uses physical attacks. This party setup is adjusted to get the highest P.Def possible, highest HP second and M.Atk after that, but a P.Atk would work as well.

Party members:

  1. Greedy Beast
  2. Rage Goblin
  3. Fire Drake
  4. Jack of Clubs
  5. You
  6. Gravekeepr Ghoul
  7. Skeleton Warrior
  8. First Horn
  9. Goblin Elite
  10. Barbaric Fool


  1. Steel Sword
  2. Magic Wand (for P.Atk, use Wooden Sword instead)
  3. Spirit Orb (for P.Atk, use Overlord’s Sword instead)
  4. Magician’s Robe (for P.Atk, use Bamboo Chariot instead)
  5. Sacred Spellbook
  6. Stone Spear
  7. Leather Shield
  8. Magma Rod
  9. Barbarian Vest
  10. Adventurer’s Armor

Secondary equipment is pretty much random, so focus on P.Def and Max HP in that order, followed by your play style, so either M.Atk or P.Atk.

Equip the ‘Sense of Villain’ title as it gives you more HP and P.Def compared to ‘Blessing of the Flame’.

The Duel with Sigurd

Sigurd is a warrior that uses quick physical attacks, very similar to the Serious Spearman. It is impossible (or at least very unlikely) that you can attack him faster and kill him in one hit. So, the general tactic is to tank his attacks with sufficient HP and Physical Defense.

His attacks hit for at least 200Qi+ damage and easily over 250Qi if not prepared properly.

The Battle

Equip your party as descibed in this guide and put all your familiar levels in ‘Greater Demon’.When you start the battle, make sure to enable the Physical Formation for an additional Physical Defense bonus.

Greedy Beast should be able to tank the first hit and not die directly and even has a chance to make a quick stab at Sigurd (I used Spirit Roar), but this attack is not necessary.

After that, Rage Goblin will die in one and Fire Drake should be able to survive at least 1 attack.

After Jack of Clubs has been one hit killed as well and will attack you as well, but you should be able to survive one hit.

Now comes the moment we have been waiting for! Sigurd needs to rest after his 7 attacks, giving you quite some time to deal him some heavy damage. I used Wind Canon which takes 3.0s and does 40 Magic Attack. He has 3,36Sx HP, so make sure to switch to Magical Formation if you are using magic or stay on Physical Formation.

If you can’t kill him in one hit, continue grinding gluttony and perhaps start investing some more Envy in your prefered attack.

Further on

After beating Sigurd the story goes on. Without giving too much spoilers, just continue your journey.

For the ending of C6, Thirst for Victory, you can use the exact same setup and strategy as you did for Sigurd, although I do recommend to get the stat bonusess from all the other areas, especially the Holy City and Dragon Village, before going to the Demon Kingdom.

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