How to Earn Money Fast in Motor Town: Behind The Wheel

The following guide outlines a simple method to earn money (approximately 60-70k per hour), gain experience driving trucks and wreckers, and attain four out of nine achievements in version 0.6.18 of the game. By following this guide, you can achieve these objectives while idling most of the time and playing other games simultaneously.

This guide is primarily aimed at those who prefer a more effortless approach to earning money and achievements, specifically those related to delivering 100 vehicles, driving 100km, 1000km, and 10,000km. By utilizing autopilot, you can earn approximately 50-60k per hour completing wrecker jobs and 60-70k per hour with truck jobs, while also earning experience points for your driver, truck, and wrecker skills. It is important to note that this guide does not delve into the game mechanics in great detail, and as such, you may need to experiment to find the most efficient way to play/idle while using this guide as a foundation.

Step 1

If you already possess 90k or own a tow truck, skip to step 4. If you have no interest in doing wrecker jobs, proceed to step 5.

Begin by traveling to the town of Jeju, which is the largest town in the northern region, and obtain a tow truck.

You will be utilizing this tow truck until you have accumulated a sum of 90k. This may seem like a substantial amount, but you will be surprised at how quickly you can earn it if your goal is to achieve Delivery 100 Vehicles.

Step 2

Once you have obtained the tow truck, head to the harbor and proceed to the location indicated below.

Step 3

Using the hook attached to your tow truck, carefully back up towards the vehicle that is being delivered, and approach the black box located near the back of your tow truck.

Activate the control panel on the tow truck and lower the back hook until it is close to the ground.

Once the hook is lowered, use the control panel to activate the hook and secure the car to your tow truck.

It is highly likely that the vehicle you are delivering will sustain some degree of damage (ranging from 1-10%) during transportation, regardless of how carefully you handle it. Do not become disheartened by this fact. In general, the lower the vehicle is to the ground, the greater the likelihood that it will be damaged by bumps or other obstacles.

Pro Tip: If you carefully maneuver your tow truck over the curb in the manner shown below, the likelihood of causing damage to the vehicle will be reduced, as both the front and rear wheels of the tow truck will be on the curb at the same time.

Make sure to maintain a speed of no more than 10km/h while following these instructions. When approaching or departing from the harbor, take the following route:

Once you have passed the roadblocks near the semi-trucks, you can activate the autopilot feature on your vehicle, and switch to other tasks such as watching videos, doing homework or chores, working, or playing games, provided your computer has sufficient processing power. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should not press the “esc” key before using “alt + tab” in single player mode, as this will pause your game. Additionally, you should periodically check if your autopilot has reached its destination or if it is stuck.

Step 4

After earning 90k by delivering cars or through other means, head to the following location and buy this tow truck with 90,000:

Congratulations on acquiring your own tow truck! With this vehicle, you no longer have to pay for deliveries, and can keep all the earnings for yourself when you deliver, rescue, or tow items. Using this truck can significantly boost your earnings, with potential earnings of around 50-60k/h if you purchase a home from Oedo for 50k and use it for quick and easy travel.

Keep in mind that you can enhance the performance of your tow truck by upgrading it in garages, allowing you to complete jobs more quickly.

You can continue doing wrecker jobs until you have completed all wrecker achievements and/or all Odometer achievements, if you wish. However, before doing so, it may be helpful to check out the tips provided in part 8.

Step 5

If you want to gain experience for your trucking skill before driving Semi-Trucks, it is important to note that simply doing box or pallet deliveries will not yield much experience. This method provides poor experience per hour, and may not be worth your time in the current version of the game. Instead, I recommend completing gasoline deliveries using the 5t tanker and pickup truck until you are able to drive Semi-Trucks.”

Note that this job requires a trucking skill level of 2, so you may want to start with small box deliveries first.

If you’re looking to gain experience for your trucking skill, you can find gasoline delivery jobs in the harbor area that come with trailers. To complete these jobs efficiently, consider purchasing a pickup truck for 20k and upgrading its back wheel springs to 500%.

You can purchase pickup trucks at the following location:

Sand delivery with Dumpy

Req. 10 Driving & 5 Trucking

Dumpy can be found in these places and jobs for them as well:

If you take on dumpy jobs, you may also receive concrete jobs from the concrete factory where you previously delivered sand. Note that this requires a driving level of 20 and a trucking level of 10.

I would advise against purchasing your own dumpy or concrete truck, unless you really enjoy doing these types of jobs and plan to continue doing them even after acquiring a semi-truck.

Step 6

Once you have attained a trucking skill level of at least 9, you can begin driving the SRT semi-truck and completing gasoline jobs using the 30t tanker trailer.

Here is a list of all the semi-trucks available in the game, along with their names and prices:

The SRT semi-truck is the first semi-truck you can drive, but I would not recommend purchasing it as it struggles with heavy cargo and steep climbs.

The FL1 and Titan are similar trucks, with the FL1 being flat-nosed and taller. They are well-suited for hauling heavy cargo on dirt roads, although their turning circle is larger due to having three axles instead of two. The FL1 requires a trucking skill level of 15, while the Titan requires 25, and they are best used for lumber jobs.

The Kuda is the most agile of the semi-trucks and excels at hauling on paved roads. However, it performs poorly when hauling lumber or driving on dirt roads. It requires a trucking skill level of 30, and I would recommend saving up for this truck before considering purchasing any others.

You can purchase these trucks from the following truck seller location:

Step 7

If you want to haul gasoline with the 30t tanker trailer, head to the harbor:

and here you’ll find the free semi-trucks:

Choose one of these trucks, depending on your truck skill of course:

Near those trucks are trailer spawning point:

Spawn the 30 Foot Tanker Trailer:

Reverse your truck until the front part of the trailer is aligned with the back of your truck, and then look for the ‘hook trailer’ button and press it:

After that, activate your handbrake and step out of you truck and find these two legs under the trailer, activate to lift them up and hop back on your truck:

To unhook your truck, lower the legs and pull this lever on the ”Fifth wheel” on the trucks bed:

Drive your truck to the gasoline job spot:

Select one of the jobs with a 130% payout and load your tanker with 20 units of gasoline. It is recommended to avoid the 1100 Rest Area as it is located on a difficult hill with a twisting road in the middle of the map and takes a long time to reach.

After fully loading your truck, turn it towards the road and activate autopilot. You can then switch to other activities like watching videos, doing homework or chores, working or playing games, provided that your computer has sufficient resources. However, remember not to press the ‘esc’ key before using ‘Alt + Tab’ in single player mode or your game will pause. Also, check periodically if your autopilot is stuck or if it has arrived at its destination.

Once you have earned 50k, it is recommended to purchase a home in Oedo:

When you buy this house, you can teleport near Jeju and its Harbor for easy back travel to increase your money per hour

Continue doing these tasks until you have saved enough funds to purchase and operate your own Semi-Truck. You have several options: SRT for 120k, FL1 for 160k, Titan for 180k, or Kuda for 220k.

Once you have obtained your own semi-truck and utilized the assistance of Campy, you can earn up to 70k per hour if you let the autopilot take over. If you choose to drive yourself, your earnings can be even higher!

Step 8

In conclusion, I hope this guide has helped you to start earning money and developing your skills. Here are a few tips to further improve your hourly earnings:

My top suggestion is to use Campy as a teleportation point for convenient return travel. You can purchase Campy for 150k here:”

and park it here like so:

You can even use Campy like this to make car deliveries like a breeze:

To spawn your tow truck, just head to the garage adjacent to Campy. Please note that Kuda cannot fit in the garage, while SRT or Titan might be able to, but I haven’t confirmed this yet.

Secondly, keep in mind that you can improve your semi-truck by upgrading it. This can be done by simply reversing it into any garage:

The most beneficial upgrades to purchase for your trucks are the motor, turbo, suspension spring (500%), and brake power (200%). The motor and turbo will help with faster deliveries, while the suspension spring and brake power will improve handling. This tip applies to both the Semi-Trucks and Tow Trucks.

Thirdly, consider using cones to prevent NPC cars from blocking your autopilot. You can purchase and position cones to prevent NPCs from moving. These cones can be found here:

The cones are priced at $100 each, and you can stack up to 10 cones per inventory slot.

Once you have purchased cones, you can use them to block intersections in Jeju and prevent NPCs from obstructing your path.

These are my favorite spots for cones, but you can use them as you please:

Keep in mind that placed cones will disappear if you exit the game. Alternatively, you can use your own inexpensive cars as blockers since they will not disappear when you close the game.

Finally, my last tip is to lower your graphics settings as much as possible to reduce the load on your computer. By lowering the graphic settings in the options menu, you can significantly improve your gaming experience while running Motor Town in the background or playing other games.

Simply press Esc and navigate to Option > Graphics and lower your Resolution as low as possible, same with Quality, and set Fullscreen to Windowed.

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