How to Easily Earn Gold in DAVE THE DIVER

Ahoy, fellow divers! The Blue Hole beckons with treasures and tasty fish, but filling your pockets and cupboards requires cunning and strategy. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to become a master of gold generation and a king of marine farming.

Gold Rush Techniques

Master the Sushi Masterclass:

  • Focus on high-star recipes: Prioritize dishes requiring rarer, higher-star fish. They fetch more Marinca, the game’s currency.
  • Experiment with combos: Discover the most profitable combinations of fish for each recipe. Utilize the in-game Marinca calculator for precise calculations.
  • Upgrade your kitchen: Invest in equipment that boosts cooking speed and Marinca gain. Time is money, and efficiency is key.

Dive Deep for Treasure:

  • Explore the Blue Hole depths: As you progress, venture deeper into the Blue Hole. Rare fish with premium prices await!
  • Befriend the Marlin Man: Complete his daily quests for valuable rewards, including gold and treasure maps.
  • Don’t underestimate the shallows: Even common fish in the upper levels can net decent Marinca if used in the right recipes. Don’t neglect them!

Farming Fundamentals

Choose your farm wisely: Each farm has its strengths and weaknesses. Analyze the fish available and their market value before picking one.

– Coral Caves: Abundant in lower-star fish, ideal for early-game income and completing daily quests.
– Volcanic Vents: Offer higher-star fish, perfect for mid-game recipe experimentation and higher profit margins.
– Deep Sea Trench: The ultimate challenge! Teeming with rare fish for maximum profit, but requires advanced diving gear and skill.

Optimize your harvests:

  • Upgrade your net guns: Higher-level nets increase your catch rate and allow you to capture more valuable fish.
  • Use the right tools: Hush darts tranquilize skittish fish for easier capture, while harpoons snag fast-moving creatures.
  • Plan your dives: Prioritize fish needed for high-value recipes to maximize farm efficiency.

Don’t neglect your restaurant:

  • Keep your customers happy: Serve high-quality sushi to earn tips and attract better clientele.
  • Upgrade your tables and chairs: Higher-tier furniture increases customer satisfaction and boosts Marinca gain.
  • Utilize employee skills: Assign employees with relevant skills to specific tasks for added efficiency.
  • Bonus Tip: Keep an eye out for special events and challenges! These often offer bonus gold, rare fish, and other valuable rewards.

Remember, becoming a gold-digging, fish-farming extraordinaire in Dave the Diver takes time, practice, and smart planning. Dive deep, experiment, and adapt your strategies as you progress. Soon, you’ll be overflowing with gold and the tastiest sushi in the Blue Hole!

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