How to farm EXP in Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload

In this guide I will give you information on how to grind levels in Tartarus a lot easier than what it was back in the FES era. What’s that? You never played the original? Makes sense.

Having money

The fortune teller is available after 5/10 in Club Escapade. You are required to see her for one of Elizabeth’s requests (request 8) to increase the chance of spawning rare golden hand shadows. You need about level 3 Courage to step inside, but there isn’t a rush with this quest or the exp farming. She charges 3,000 yen for her service and you should also have this much by now.

Epic Tartarus gameplay

Go to Tartarus. I prefer to get the entire section done in the one night and if you’re a persona achievement hunter, there is a chance you’ve already done this before. Regardless, you will be needing to explore the entire block you are on currently in one night to get all of the map information, this is time consuming, but important. Once you’ve hit the peak of the current block you are on, return to the entrance. Use your unused team members to heal up if you have to, it doesn’t matter too much.

The farming part

Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Perhaps you would understand if you grinded Tartarus back in the day. You will want to go back to the start of the block via teleporter. Now that you’ve uncovered the map for the day, you’ll want to press that M key on your keyboard. It’ll present the entire map layout for you seeing as you went and figured out the pathing, right? Well guess what. The enemies are highlighted on the map, INCLUDING the golden hand shadows. If the situation suggests there are no golden hands on the floor, press M and go to the next floor. Rinse and repeat until you get to your desired location.

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