Ghost of Tsushima

How to Fast Travel in Ghost of Tsushima

Just like the Red Dead Redemption 2, the world of Ghost of Tsushima is very huge and players need to make a lot of traveling to complete the story. Obviously, you will get a mission that will be too far from your current location. Reaching that place just by simply riding a horse is pretty long. But why would you take a few minutes to ride a horse if you can simply fast travel and get straight to your target location? In this guide, you will be able to learn how to fast travel in the world of Ghost Tsushima.

How to fast travel in Ghost of Tsushima?

Getting from one place to another is pretty easy in the Ghost of Tsushima. But if the target location is too far, you need to use the fast travel feature of the game.

To fast travel, all you need to do is search for the Fox Dens. In Ghost of Tsushima, Fox Dens will have a fox running around it. When you spotted a fox, get off your horse and start following the fox. The fox will lead you to an Inari Shrine which will give you charms or event charm slots.

Ghost of Tsushima Inari Shrine

Apart from the rewards that you will get from these Inari Shrines, these will also be used as fast travel spots. This means that you will be getting around the map of Ghost of Tsushima faster and safer.

Take note that you need to unlock these Inari Shrines first before you can use it as fast travel spots. Once done unlocking the shrine, just open the map, find the Fox Den icon, and hold the triangle button on your controller to use the fast travel feature.

Please note that Fox Dens will only turn into a fast travel spot after you finished praying at the Inari Shrine where the fox leads you.