How to Fend Off a Mummy Attack With Deadly Efficiency in Yet Another Zombie Survivors

Some may be wondering how they’re supposed to “Fend off a mummy attack with deadly efficiency.” This guide gives a clear instructions to completing this achievement (It grants one the pickax item)

Basic Requirements List


-You have unlocked Vile Wasteland (Vile wasteland selection shown below)

-You must be playing Vile Wasteland level as mummies currently don’t spawn in any other level.

-You must unlock Engineer and reach tier 3 (Engineer in character selection, tier 3 is shown below)

Tier 3 engineer is crucial due to the Electric Force-field ability

-Party must have 2 other members for required dps ( I recommend Swat and Tank )

Step one

-Among other upgrades you have to upgrade the electric force-field ability, and it is recommended to upgrade exclusively weapons besides the force-field. It is absolutely crucial to have a level 5 force-field as it does massive damage in the radius around the player when active.

Level 5 can be achieved within a minute as the following screenshot shows.

Step two

-One must find a mummy circle, (they will spawn around the player at unknown intervals)

When you have found one, consult step three.

Step three (Final step)

Once one is locked inside a group of mummies, you need to run to the ridge of the circle and focus on killing the mummy closest to you, once one has a good amount of dps the forcefield will effectively let one melt the circle, you follow the ridge and if you’re fast enough, you’ll get the achievement!

If you have any other methods that may be faster or far easier let me know in the comments and I will add them while crediting you!

This achievement confused me for a while but I hope that my guide brought those like me the knowledge that they needed to unlock this achievement!

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