Pokemon GO Petilil Debut

How to Find and Catch Petilil in Pokemon GO

The Generation V Pokemon Petilil is finally coming to Pokemon GO. Niantic has announced that Petilil will be making its debut during the Pokemon GO 4th Anniversary.

The Pokemon GO’s fourth-anniversary is to feature lots of challenges for almost a month. As for the Petilil, it will be available in the 3rd-week challenges called Friendship-based challenge. In the 3rd week of Pokemon GO fest, players will be able to complete challenges. Players need to complete all the tasks in the GO Fest Weekly Challenge: Friendship Timed Research to get a chance to encounter the bulb Pokemon Petilil. The 3rd-week challenge starts on July 17 at exactly 8:00 AM local time until July 22 at 10:00 PM local time.

Petilil is one of the Grass-type Pokemon in Generation V. You can easily catch this Pokemon when the weather is sunny, which means you’re in luck when the sun is shining in your area during the third week of the event. Apart from completing the weekly challenges, Petilil will also be available in 5 km Pokemon eggs. Please note that only eggs that were caught during the event can hatch Petilil.

In the Pokemon universe, you can evolve Petilil into a Lilligant if you have a Sun Stone. This item is already available in Pokemon GO and you can obtain this from spinning PokeStopns and Gyms. Sun Stone is a rare item in Pokemon GO that has a drop rate of 1% per spin. There is no way to ensure that you can obtain a Sun Stone in a single spin, which means you need to be very lucky to acquire this item. While the drop rate of the Sun Stone is very low, its drop rate seems to increase as many Pokemon GO players have been reporting of getting this item on their 7th-day streak day bonus.

But what will happen once the Pokemon GO 4th anniversary ends? Will Petilil continue appearing? There is still no confirmation about this but looking at what happened in the past, Pokemon who made their debut continues to appear in the game.

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