How to Fix Fullscreen Mode Issues in DuckTales Remastered

This game uses the WayForward engine and unfortunately runs always in full-window mode (!). Editing “engine.ini” adding “windowed=false” or other options won’t solve the problem. This will result in ugly micro-jittery and non-smooth scrolling (between 58-59fps BTW).

How to Fix

Download dxvk (DirectX to Vulkan wrapper) from GitHub (tested with version 2.3) and put in the same dir of “DuckTales.exe” the files:

.../x32/d3d9.dll, .../x32/dxgi.dll

Then create in the same dir a text file with NotePad named “dxvk.conf” like this to force 60fps fullscreen exclusive with V-Sync:

# Enables frame rate limiter. The main purpose of this is to work around
# bugs in games that have physics or other simulation tied to their frame
# rate, but do not provide their own limiter.
# Supported values : Any non-negative integer

dxgi.maxFrameRate = 60

# Overrides synchronization interval (Vsync) for presentation.
# Setting this to 0 disables vertical synchronization entirely.
# A positive value 'n' will enable Vsync and repeat the same
# image n times, and a negative value will have no effect.
# Supported values: Any non-negative number

dxgi.syncInterval = 1

And enjoy this game finally running perfectly smooth (especially with g-sync)! 👍🏻

⚠️ Because of Vulkan wrapper, THE FIRST TIME you load the game after these changes you’ll notice lags and temp freezes but that’s how the wrapper works converting shaders from DX9 to VK on first launch. Don’t worry, on next run everything will be fine. A minimal slowdown when loading the levels for the first time can also be observed.

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