How to Fix the Heart of Mars Bug in Starfield

You could run into a bug during the Heart of Mars quest when the quest item glitches under a boulder that you can’t see to mine with your Cutter no matter what. Because you need the Heart to complete the Heart of Mars quest, this can be frustrating.

You don’t need to get an upgrade for your particular Cutter because this isn’t a problem with it. Unfortunately, based on reports on social media, it looks to be broken for the majority of players. To obtain the Heart and complete the mission, follow these instructions to fix the Heart of Mars bug in Starfield.

How to Extract the Heart of Mars in Starfield

Here’s how to fix the Heart of Mars bug in Starfield:

  1. Press the Tilde key (~) to open the console
  2. Type tcl to disable collision
  3. Clip through the floor
  4. Mine the boulder with your Cutter (you must get super close)
  5. Type tcl enable collision

The Heart malfunctions beneath the floor, and you have to destroy the boulder to get to it in order to solve the issue. The tcl console command, which disables collision, can be used to achieve this. By doing so, you can mine the boulder after clipping into the floor. According to accounts from other players who have succeeded, it seems optimal if you are either inside the boulder or underneath it.

Achievements and Console Commands

A warning that the usage of specific commands will disable achievements appears when you enter the command console.

If you want to move forward before the bug is fixed, keep in mind that there is no list of which commands break accomplishments.

Alternative Solution

The Heart of Mars glitch in Starfield might be fixed in another method if you don’t want to tinker with the console, though. In order to mine the boulder, one Reddit user claimed that they needed to use their Cutter at the ideal angle. They might point their Cutter’s reticle on the boulder with a slight leftward tilt based on what they said. It appears, though, that you won’t receive the typical mining prompt that turns your target red; nonetheless, you will still be able to mine it.

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