How to Get All Endings in Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum

In this guide, you will find information about the route divisions and prerequisites for the various endings in the game Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum.


In Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum, there are 7 “main endings.”


  1. Porcelain
  2. Blindness


  1. Platinum
  2. Dawn
  3. Little Goody Two Shoes


  • Witching Hour
  • Shattered Delusions

This guide will not be covering “Dead Ends.” Only the main endings.

Obtaining Regalia


Egliette’s Regalia can be acquired during any playthrough, just before the sugary supper. However, obtaining Fleta’s good ending will also remind you of Egliette’s Regalia once again. It is worth noting that the Regalia items are primarily cosmetic and do not significantly impact the outcomes of the game.


Getting Fleta’s Regalia is relatively simple. You must win against her in all 3 games (hide and seek not counted.)

  • Cards
  • Butterflies
  • Musical Chairs (required to progress)

At the end of the chapter, you’ll get her good ending and receive her regalia

Harpae’s Regalia is the hardest to obtain as it requires answering a series of questions right.

  • While on the fourth floor, when given the choice to assist Harpae in getting unstuck, refrain from providing any help.
  • When Harpae asks you to hold her hand, respond affirmatively by choosing YES.
  • In the clutter room, when given the option to assist her, opt not to offer any help.
  • After Harpae finishes in the clutter room, express your concern by telling her, “That was dangerous.”
  • When you have the opportunity to hold her hand once again, choose YES.
  • When Harpae breaks down in the elevator, select the option to APPEAL TO HER.

At the conclusion of Harpae’s section, you will be presented with her Regalia item.

To obtain Lisette’s regalia, you must answer two questions right in her chapter.

At the dining room table, when asked how you knew her name, tell her you remembered.

Post circus chase, you’ll be asked if you will help Lisette. Choose YES.

NOTE: It is recommended you save before the circus chase, you can come back and skip Lisette’s regalia or get it, whether or not you’ve gotten all the regalia thus far, it provides an easy way to split your ending paths.

Bad Endings

Obtaining the bad endings in Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum is generally straightforward, often triggered by a single action within a character’s area. These endings are not contingent on possessing any Regalia items.

One of the simplest endings to achieve is by losing against Fleta in Musical Chairs towards the end of her chapter. To ensure your loss, refrain from pressing the Z key or press it too early, resulting in a failure.

There are a few methods to obtain this particular ending, and they are quite closely related.

In the doll room, during your conversation with Harpae, she will extend an invitation to accompany her in fixing the button on your cardigan. Opt to accept her offer and proceed to follow her up the stairs.

Alternatively, you have the option to decline the previous suggestion and proceed with the Enjel mirror event first. However, after that, you should opt to follow Harpae all the way up the stairs instead of entering the other floors. By doing so, you will unlock the Blindness ending.

Normal Endings

In order to achieve the Platinum ending in Pocket Mirror ~ GoldenerTraum, it is necessary to possess an unfinished Regalia set. This implies that you have obtained the bad ending for at least one character, but not for all of them. The Platinum ending will occur prior to the Enjel staircase chase.

Please note that in New Game+, it appears that you must acquire precisely two Regalia for a specific character.

To obtain the Dawn ending, it is necessary to possess a complete Regalia set. This entails acquiring the good endings for all characters and collecting their respective Regalia items. Additionally, during the staircase chase at the end, it is crucial for Enjel, rather than you, to be the one who reaches the pocket mirror first. This means you should let Enjel take the lead and reach the mirror at the end of the chase. By fulfilling these requirements, you can unlock the Dawn ending.

In order to achieve the Little Goodie Two Shoes ending, it is essential to possess a complete Regalia set. This entails obtaining the good endings for all characters and acquiring their respective Regalia items. Additionally, during the staircase chase at the end, it is crucial for you, the player, to be the one who reaches the pocket mirror first, rather than Enjel. To increase your chances, try initiating a run immediately after Enjel’s dialogue concludes. By fulfilling these requirements, you can unlock the Little Goodie Two Shoes ending.

Other Endings

To obtain the Witching Hour ending, all you need to do is refrain from acquiring any Regalia (excluding Messer und Gabel) throughout the game. This entails intentionally failing to save each character, and the ending will trigger before the Enjel staircase chase. By avoiding the collection of Regalia items, you can unlock the Witching Hour ending.

Unlocking the new Secret End, known as Shattered Delusion, is the most complex and challenging task. To initiate this ending, you need to be in New Game + (NG+) mode, which becomes available after completing any of the full game endings (not bad ends or dead ends). In order to obtain Shattered Delusion, you must intentionally fail to save two characters, resulting in obtaining only one Regalia throughout the gameplay. Please note that this ending requires careful decision-making and specific actions to achieve.

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