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How to Get All Kill-Related Achievements in People Playground

In this guide, I will provide methods to help you obtain all the kill achievements in People Playground. These achievements include:

  1. Murderer (Easy)
  2. Serial Killer (Easy)
  3. Mass Murderer (Normal)
  4. Massacre (Normal)
  5. Genocide (Hard)
  6. Extinction (Hard)


To obtain the Murderer achievement, you simply need to kill one person in the game. You can use any method you prefer, such as slamming, shooting, or stabbing a human. Once you kill a person, you should receive the achievement.

Serial Killer

The Serial Killer achievement requires you to kill at least three humans. You can use various methods to eliminate them, so choose what works best for you.

Mass Murderer

The Mass Murderer achievement is earned by killing 100 people. You can achieve this by experimenting with different ways of killing, such as slamming, shooting, or using various contraptions. You can also set up a machine using a Life Detector, a gun, wiring, a human, and a Life Syringe to automate the killing process. This method allows the machine to detect a live human, activate the gun, and repeat the process. Be sure to pause the game and freeze the gun and the human to avoid unintended consequences.


To obtain the Massacre achievement, you need to kill 1,000 people. If you have already built the machine described for the Mass Murderer achievement, you can simply copy and paste it multiple times to increase the kill count. This method will speed up the process, but be mindful of the impact on your computer’s performance.


The Genocide achievement is more challenging, as it requires you to kill 10,000 people. Copying the previous contraption for 100 kills may cause performance issues. Instead, you can use the “Smart Spawner” mod available in the People Playground workshop. Place several Decimators and position the Smart Spawner above them. Activate the spawner and set it to spawn humans with a high body temperature (e.g., 999999 degrees). Use a metronome to trigger the spawner at a regular interval.

This setup will automate the killing process. Experiment with the metronome rate and pushing force of the spawner to find the optimal settings for your needs.


The Extinction achievement is the most challenging, requiring you to kill 1,000,000 people. To achieve this, you can further expand the contraptions you’ve built for previous achievements, including both the Life and Gun machine and the Smart Spawner setup. Copy and paste these machines multiple times to increase the kill rate. You can also search on Google and YouTube for other creative and efficient killing machines designed by players to help you reach this achievement.

By following these methods, you can work towards obtaining all the kill achievements in People Playground. Remember to experiment, be creative, and have fun while playing the game. Good luck on your quest to complete the achievements!

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