Lust from Beyond: M Edition

Lust from Beyond: M Edition PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Movie Games S.A. has finally launched Lust from Beyond: M Edition. Players are expected to experience more fun and astonishing gameplay with this new game. To help you get started, this guide will show you the complete list of Lust from Beyond: M Edition controls on PC.

Lust from Beyond: M Edition Controls

Let’s start with the Lust from Beyond: M Edition keybindings:

ForwardW or Up Arrow
BackwardS or Down Arrow
LeftA or Left Arrow
RightD or Right Arrow
InteractionLeft Mouse Button
Attack / ShootLeft Mouse Button
Prepare to AttackRight Mouse Button
Use / Take ObjectE
Rotate an ObjectRight Mouse Button
Turn On/Off TextR
Skip / End / Put Down an ObjectSpacebar
InventoryTab or I
Light SourceF
Pull Out / Hide a Melee Weapon1
Pull Out / Hide a Gun2
Reload GunR
The Book of SecretsH
QteLeft Mouse Button
Dialogue Option 11
Dialogue Option 22
Dialogue Option 33
Dialogue Option 44
Lust from Beyond: M Edition Controls

For players who are planning to use a controller, here are the actions that you should remember:

Prepare to AttackLT
The Book of SecretsView Button
RunLeft Stick
Pull Out / Hide a Melee WeaponD-Pad Up
Pull Out / Hide a GunD-Pad Right
Light SourceD-Pad Down
EssenceD-Pad Left
PauseMenu Button
Attack / ShootRT
Use / Take ObjectA
Skip / End / Put Down an ObjectB
Reload GunX
Take ObjectRT
SneakRight Stick
Turn On / Off TextX
Lust from Beyond: M Edition Gamepad Controls

You can also refer to the full in-game screenshot of the controller mapping below:

How Change the Default Key Bindings

All listed key bindings above can be changed and modified according to your desire. To change these, follow the steps below:

  • From main menu, click the Options button.
  • Go to the Gameplay section.
  • Click the Assign Keys button found below.
  • Once inside this section, you can assign your desired keys in the game.

After changing the default key controls, make sure to click the Apply Changes button to save the changes that you have made.

And this is everything about the default Lust from Beyond: M Edition keybindings and shortcuts. Let us know in the comment section if you have any suggestions to improve this guide.

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