How to Early Access and Get Cordite in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 has a lot of new features, contents, and events prepared for players to complete. Some of these events are the 2v2 Showdown and Gold Rush Event which is available in Battle Royale and Kill Confirmed mode. Apart from the events, the 6th season will also bring new skins for the weapons and new weapons. Speaking about weapons, Call of Duty Mobile is set to debut the Cordite in the game soon.

Cordite is an SMG rifle which is capable of firing up to 40 bullets. This is considered as one of the largest ammo capacities in the line of SMGs. Having this weapon in the game will surely give you an advantage since you don’t have to worry about having an empty magazine during the gunfight.

But when will be the official release of Cordite in Call of Duty Mobile? According to the official Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 road map which was revealed a few days ago, Cordite will be available starting on May 15th. This new SMG is a reward for completing missions and tasks in this season.

Call of Duty Mobile Cordite

As of writing, players can now use and experience the power of the new SMG Cordite. In order to use Cordite, players have to participate and join the limited-time event like Gun Fight and 2v2 Showdown. In Gun Fight mode, you will surely have a chance to grab and fire the new weapon.

Cordite SMG will surely become of the most popular SMG rifle in Call of Duty Mobile once it officially releases. According to sources, the new weapon will also be having a Rare and Legendary tier skin.

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