How to Get Infinite Exp, Money, and Time in Jagged Alliance 3

Very easy trick to get infinite time, money, and experience, allowing you to train super-soldiers in any difficulty setting. It trivializes finishing the game and getting most achievements, even in ironman mode.

Infinite time

To achieve infinite time, all you need to do is to never trigger enemies to start moving, allowing you to take your time doing whatever you want until you decide to finish the game. That means three things:

  • Do not train militia in Ernie Village, nor approach the Outpost in Ernie Island.
  • Do not liberate any outpost or mine. You can kill most opponents as long as you leave at least one alive.
  • Do not have many soldiers, because you cannot have a high income without mines.

First, hire any team to rush and hire Flay, going direct to Ernie Village, then the Poacher Camp. The team doesn’t matter, but you need someone with high Wisdom to hire him. Now, you can take your time to train IMP and Flay to maximum attributes, allowing the contract of your other mercenaries to expire. Meanwhile, grab at least two Dragunovs in the Poacher Camp, they come with Thermal Scope and restock every few days.

I recommend an IMP with high Wisdom and Teaching, so you can learn skills faster, and teach them to other mercenaries. Below is my starter IMP, and his attributes after training with Flay.

To hire Larry at Camp Savane, you will need someone with high Medical, and a Metaviron. Make sure to keep at least one enemy alive before you retreat from the outpost and return to talk to him. To get a Metaviron, you can buy lootboxes at the Flea Market. If you did your progression properly, you should have at least 7 diamonds (4 from Bastien in the first map, and 3 from Luc for liberating Ernie Village), which is usually enough.

You can hire a team to help you liberate the Flea Market, but since you have infinite time, you can also do it with just two soldiers using hit and run tactics. In short, enter the map, hide, snipe two or three soldiers from the edge of the map (where you can retreat), and leave once you are seen or enemies approach. You can retreat after spending all your AP, even if enemies are on top of you, as long as you are inside the retreat zone.

Below are the attributes of Larry after hiring him and training him to max, together with Flay and IMP.

If you clean Larry, then he will easily have his Agility, Dexterity and Markmanship over 95, and you will be able to train Flay and IMP to 91 in those attributes. With three very strong free mercenaries, you can just “start” the game as normal, and breeze through anything, even in ironman mode.

Infinite experience and money

To achieve infinite experience and money, all you need to do is to trigger enemy movement, but without triggering the world flip events (quest to rescue Biff). That can be done by capturing any outpost, but not capturing any mine. Then, simply intercept diamond caravans for money, or defend your outpost from enemies for experience. You can do this for as long as you want, which will allow you to hire mercenaries, and train them as much as you want. Once you are strong enough, with lots of attributes and perks on your favorite mercenaries, then you can start capturing mines and finish the game easily.

Final remarks

Let me know in the comments how much time you took to make your godly team, before activating the final quest. If you know any other trick for trivializing the game, let me know in the comment field. Enjoy, and leave a like if this guide helped you!

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