How to Get Rogue Cultivator Destiny in Tale of Immortal

A comprehensive guide to obtaining a unique destiny that can significantly ease your life as a rogue cultivator.

Introduction and Acquisition

Greetings! I recently stumbled upon a previously unknown event and thought it would be beneficial to share it here. This event grants a destiny called the Unfettered Cultivator, which offers significant advantages for rogue cultivators. With this destiny, you gain a travel speed boost of 500. Additionally, when you are not affiliated with a sect, there is a chance to obtain spiritual fruit while cultivating on map tiles where the qi level is 100 or higher.

I have encountered this event only twice, despite completing the game multiple times. While I am not entirely certain of the exact triggering mechanism, I can share some common factors from the two playthroughs where I encountered the event. I hope these insights prove helpful to you.

Requirements and Triggering

Firstly, you need to be a late cultivator at the Foundation stage, with a full XP bar and no sect affiliation (although I am not entirely certain about the latter requirement).

The event is more likely to trigger when you travel from YongNing to HuaFeng in the region of LeiZe, specifically in a passage located between the Nether Mountain and the bottom border of your map. This occurs approximately halfway through the LeiZe area.

It seems that the event is more likely to occur if the game time exceeds 7 years. In my case, the first character I encountered the event with was an alchemist, so I spent considerable time farming in the initial area. With my second character, I reached the event location in the sixth year but could not trigger the event until I progressed to the seventh year.

The event will spontaneously appear while you are traversing the map; there is no need to search for a question mark or a special tile. I recommend exploring the area, walking back and forth through the passage, as I was unable to trigger the event on my second character during the initial attempt.


Best of luck in your endeavors, and I hope this information proves valuable to you. May you successfully trigger the event and obtain the Unfettered Cultivator destiny, enhancing your journey as a rogue cultivator.

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