How to Get the “Free to play” Achievement in Onde

How to get the elusive “free to play” achievement. Also how to manipulate save file to get to specified checkpoints.

The “Free to Play” Achievement

In the “deep sea” part of the game, there is this area where you can bounce around the 3 circles with pink cores.

To get the “Free to Play” Achievement, you need to bounce to the fish-like creature, get hit by the white wave it emits, and bounce back to safety. You need to do this 3 times in total to trigger the achievement.

The best place to do this is from the top-right circle as in the following screenshot.

Make sure you aim for the “core” of the fish, otherwise it will avoid you as you move towards its direction, and you die.

If you aim well enough, the fish will emit a white wave as in the following screenshot. You will be then bounced back.

You don’t have control anymore once you are in the mid-air (or mid-water), so adjust the aim from the beginning so that you can be bounced back to the top-left circle, where you came from.

Now do this 3 times to earn the achievement!

Manipulating the Save File

This game does not provide loading from certain checkpoints. However you can modify directly the savefile to achieve this.

The default path of savefile (Windows) is C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\LocalLow\Lance\Onde\SaveFile.es3

Open this file with any text editor, and there is something like

"LevelNum" : {
"__type" : "int",
"value" : 56

this “value” can be anything between 0 and 67 based on where you are in the game. Edit this to 56 and then save the file to get to the nearest checkpoint to the “Free to Play” achievement.

It’s recommended to do this when the game is not running.

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