How to Get the “Go The Extra Mile” Achievement in Descenders

Here are a few tips and tricks for earning the “Go The Extra Mile” Achievement, which may save you some time:

General tips

  • You can check which bonus levels you have already completed by selecting freeride in the menu and checking the custom levels section.
  • If you have already completed a level, you can replay it through this menu.
  • However, keep in mind that entering bonus levels with a custom seed won’t count towards the achievement.
  • The achievement must be completed in Career mode.
  • You can complete it in multiple separate runs; there’s no need to do it all at once.
  • I recommend using the Bedroom bonus level for training before attempting it in Career mode.
    • 1001 – Construction Site
    • 1002 – Mega Ramp
    • 1003 – Ranch
    • 1004 – Moon
    • 1005 – Bedroom

Construction Site

There is not much to say about this one.

You have to reach the top

Ascending to the top is relatively simple; conquer the initial jump, maintain a straight trajectory, and reset the camera (B) for clear visibility of your path.

Mega Ramp

Maximize your speed, execute a back or front flip with a trick and spin, ensuring a successful landing for ample points.

Consider adding extra flair on the subsequent ramp after the mega ramp.

If you did not get the 5 000 points, just reset by hitting R.

You can also do a Fakie by going down backwards and doing it that way, but that is quite tricky without crew member for easier balancing.


Performing the 540 trick on a keyboard is notably challenging. I strongly recommend recruiting the SPIN SPEED and TWEAK SPEED crew members, as they significantly enhance your chances of successfully executing this maneuver.

Furthermore, to execute these tricks, you require a specific bike type, namely the downhill bike. I also suggest practising the tricks in a bike park prior to attempting them at Ranch, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the necessary controls.

I managed to do them without the crew members, but it was barely possible, unfortunately I do not have the video.


Initially challenging, this particular level becomes manageable with experience in bike handling.

Getting a crew member for jumping higher makes it easier for the most part, but one letter inside the hoop is quite tricky to get with the higher jump so you have to be creative and jump sooner or from a different direction.

Based on my experience, I suggest acquiring additional lives for this situation. Personally, I have often found myself simply grazing an object and inadvertently tumbling off the bicycle.


This is the final challenge!

Prior to anything else, try to collect all the toys in freeride by utilizing custom seed 1005.

I highly recommend acquiring as many extra lives as possible along the way to this challenge

Three of the action figures are straightforward to obtain, while the one positioned to the right, above the table, requires careful maneuvering at an optimal speed of 34+. Utilizing sufficient speed alone should suffice, but attempting a moon jump is also an option.

The figure positioned above the wooden plank presents the greatest difficulty. However, by following the route demonstrated in the video and descending from the right ramp with well-timed pumping and a moon jump off the ramp prior to the plank, reaching it becomes achievable, with successful landing occurring most of the time.

Going the other way around is also possible, but you lose a lot of speed and there is a lot of room for errors.

Regrettably, I squandered 13 lives attempting the alternate route, making it significantly more challenging. Consequently, I strongly recommend following the approach demonstrated in the video, as it proves to be much more manageable.

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