How to Get the “Kitted Out” Achievement in Severed Steel

In this guide, I will show you the exact steps of getting the “KITTED OUT” achievement in Severed Steel.

Step 1

On the rogue steel page, make sure you don’t have any advanced game rules.

Step 2

On the first card selection, choose “rogue”, so you will get more score in the end.

Step 3

Congrats if you have beaten the first level! On the second and third one, make sure you select the “rebananced bullet time” and “faster slow-mo” the order will be random, but there are 100% on the second and third level. This will almost remove slow motion, but it will be easier to get points.

Step 4

Congrats! After beating level 3, you can select any card you want! ATTENTION!!! You can pick anything you want from TIER 1.

Step 5

Once you have reached tier 2 (beating 4 levels), you need to choose “-2 health”, as it will give you more points. BUT, if you find any other card (speed, faster dive, double magazine, cannon, etc.) you can get those one and get the “-2 health” next round. In this example, i want to take the “super kickslide” one and i will get the “-2 health” next round. After you take the “-2 health” card, pick any card you want until tier 3. The cards i recommend are: “super kickslide”, “super dive”, “cutter cannon”.

Step 6

Once tier 3 pops up, do not take any card that boostes the score, because the game will become almost impossible to continue. Instead, you can take any card you consider good. You should avoid: “blood feud”, “floor is lava”, “attack the weak point”, “one in the chamber (use this only if you consider you can pass with it),.

Step 7

Once you have completed, you should have 1 mil score. Repeat this again and again until you have 32 mil score in total (32 runs).

Tips and tricks

  • If you ever find a flame thrower, try to keep it across levels as much as you can, since the weapon you carry will pass into the nest level
  • If you ever find the challenge hard, it might be because the endesys gave you some hard cards. Don’t worry! Reset the run and follow the steps again
  • Try to kill everyone in every level, this will give you extra points
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