How to Get the “No Hit Universe” Achievement in Everhood

This guide is all about the easiest way to obtain the “No Hit Universe” achievement. MAJOR EVERHOOD SPOILERS!


This achievement can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, if you DO know what you’re doing, this achievement is extremely easy. As of writing this guide, this achievement has a 0.7% completion rate on Steam. Let’s try and push that completion rate higher.

Essentially, I am going to expand on the Universe fight in much more detail, while outlining the exact strategy to use. This is partly because I think this fight is absolutely incredible and I want an excuse to play it more, but also partly because I know some people like heart icon achievements.

With all that out of the way, let’s begin.


This entire guide hinges on the following piece of information: The Universe fight is technically split into two encounters.

This is similar to the fight against Flan and Muck on a genocide route. For those who don’t remember, after you kill Muck, Flan gets extremely upset and proceeds to initiate an entire new encounter where he transforms into a blob monster and tries even harder to kill you. Because of this, the monster section of the fight has its own no hit achievement which is separate from the normal “No Hit Flan and Muck” achievement. The Universe fight is similar, except the “first encounter” doesn’t have any achievements tied to it.

Anyways, back to the preparation work. There are two settings we need to change.

First of all, make sure the difficulty is on easy. This is because for any fight that has HP, the difficulty will influence how much HP the enemy has. Lower difficulty = less HP = easier time. Unfortunately, nohitting something on Story Mode doesn’t count for achievements, so we need to do the next highest difficulty up.

Secondly, turn image sensitive mode on. The Universe is one of the “acid trip” fights. There’s a ton of psychedelic ♥♥♥♥ flying around the screen and turning image sensitive mode on will cut down on the eyestrain. This will make nohitting the fight easier due to less visual effects on the screen at once. All screenshots in this guide are taken with this setting on. Here’s how to change this setting:

Open the options menu and click on accessibility:

Toggle the setting so it’s on:

The Fight (Encounter 1)

With all that out of the way, go to the “Replay Battles” menu and start the fight. I saw someone in another guide’s comment section claiming that you can’t take advantage of the encounter split if you use this menu to access the fight, but this is false. This misconception probably came from the fact that the previously-mentioned Flan and Muck battle has the encounters split.

Statwise, the Universe has 1,422,208 HP on easy difficulty. This translates to 16 hits to kill it, since Pink deals 88,888 damage per hit.

There are three major parts to this fight that you need to be aware of. The third part will be where the actual action happens.

In the first section the Universe will use exclusively dark attacks, which can’t be deflected.

Nothing to say here except don’t die. Yes, I said don’t die. It doesn’t matter if you get hit here, you’ll see why later.

Upon reaching this sequence, the fight will transition to part 2.

Part 2 has a mix of light and dark attacks, patterns such as this are used.

Two notes here. First of all, don’t die. It still doesn’t matter if you get hit. Second of all, you can attack the Universe at this point due to the light attacks. However, this won’t help you. The Universe’s HP will lock if you do too much damage, so you can’t actually kill it in this phase. Deflects might help you survive, but there’s no reason to attack the boss.

Upon reaching this sequence, the third and final part of the fight starts.

The Fight (Encounter 2)

Here we go. The final section. Remember what I said earlier about how this fight is technically two separate encounters? Time to exploit that.

As soon as this sequence starts,

kill yourself. The game still remembers what happened last encounter, so dying will blank that out and you can start fresh.

Upon dying, you’ll be greeted with this screen. If you see this, you’ve done the encounter transition correctly.

This should look out of place if you’ve been paying attention. We crossed a checkpoint earlier, right after part 1 ended. It’s not showing up. This indicates that everything that happened in encounter 1 does not matter. Hit retry.

You will immediately return to the part you just killed yourself at. The dialogue will change, ignore it. It’s just a simple “I will react to how many times you have died”.

From here on out, you must nohit the rest of the fight. If you get hit, you must retry.This is a lot less daunting than it seems. You only need to hit the Universe 16 times and the fight will only run for about a minute. This is much better than the like 6 minute+ length of some other fights.

The Universe has several patterns to contend with, each one easier than the last. Once you see the pink attacks the fight is basically over. Pattern changes happen as The Universe loses HP. The first pattern will be red, blue and green attacks. I recommend trying to deflect green and blue attacks. The green attacks are wide waves that look like this and are easy to grab.

The blue attacks just lend themselves well to blocking your deflects so get rid of them if possible. From experience, the easiest lanes to use for attacks are the middle three lanes.

Do not go to the outlanes if you can avoid it.

The second pattern is essentially the same as the first one but slightly more difficult. A similar strategy as the first pattern should be utilized here. This pattern is overall easier than the first one solely because if you’re playing on easy, this pattern won’t be very long before transitioning to the third, much easier pattern.

The third pattern is characterized by very slow clusters of pink attacks. They look like this.

There’s some other patterns here too but you’re probably going to kill the boss before those attacks come out. Basically, once you reach this point you’ve pretty much won. Just grab some notes from any non-outer lane and send them back.

Nothing else is needed, you are triumphant.


If you’ve done all of this correctly the achievement should pop at the end of the 3rd section. You don’t need to go through the last bit where the Universe explodes in your general direction. I hope this guide helped you get the achievement.

As a final note, here’s an image of a clear I got, showcasing the tiny length of the part you actually have to nohit.

This is not difficult.

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