How to Get the One True Ending in Remnant II

This guide will show you how to get the one true ending in Remnant 2. This achievement has been added as part of the newly released DLC for the game.

How to Get the One True Ending

For this one you’ll need the gilded chambers, farming this was annoying. but collect the tributes for the red prince they come from those teleporting warriors that just refuse to spawn while doing this achievement… Anyway, after you collect all these, go and slay the awakened king, for as easy as he is, it’s harder to grind out the tributes swear to god. Take the tributes back to the red prince, and you guessed it he kills you. Because why not people aren’t nice. After he kills you head back to the awakened kings throne. you’ll see leywise and the red prince standing there, as the red prince takes all your glory. Oh well, i guess sucks. Once he stops gloating talk to the red prince , and reap you’re reward my new favorite gear set, the crimson guard armor And your achievement for all your hard work.

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