How to Housing All Creatures with Max Social and Exhibit in Parkasaurus

Get all your creatures with max social and max exhibit. Complete Dinosaur Tycoon challenge.

Max Social

We will go with the max social first. Every type of creature has their own herd size, some with 2 while some with 4. You will need to spread the gender evenly too, e.g. 1 male 1 female or 2 males 2 females or you wont get the max social. Generally all herbivores need 4 of their own kind and carnivores need 2 of their own kind to have max social with some exceptions:

Herbivores herd size:
Archelon – 2

Carnivores herd size:
Dunkleosteus – 4
Elasmosaurus – 4
Ichthyosaurus – 4
Placodus – 4
Velociraptor – 4

Max Exhibit

If you have gone through other guide, you would have known that in order to have max exhibit, you will need the correct biome, enough decorations with tier 2 and the most challenging part enough minimum exhibit size. I think correct biome and enough decorations with tier 2 are relatively easy as everyone should have enough coaching in the tutorial. The challenging part here is the exhibit size, as more dinosaurs require bigger exhibit size, it will be a huge challenge if you want to house all creatures with max social while having max exhibit size. According to my calculation, you will need 101,660 sf to do so which is bigger than the total available area. You will need a friend here, bow hat or scuba goggles. By wearing these hats, you can half your creature minimum exhibit size which makes the total required sf down to 50,830 sf. You have around 60k sf total available area if not mistaken so it is possible now.

Dinosaur Tycoon Experience Sharing

Let me share my gameplay experience here:

I start my journey in Dinosaur Tycoon mode, the reason is to complete the final challenge of the game in the process. I don’t think it makes a big difference between normal and Dinosaur Tycoon mode, don’t get frightened by the description. You will need to unlock your science learn 3 as fast as possible. Plan your exhibit, as herbivores can all share the same exhibit area, there is no point to make separate exhibits for each of them. My method is individual exhibit for all carnivores, shared exhibit for all herbivores. You can download the excel file from the google shared link below. I have tabulated the exhibit type and size needed to be constructed.

If using my method, there are 31 exhibits needed in total. I would prefer a 10 view spots opening for the guests. In order to get 5 stars rating and high attendances easily, it would be better to gather the view spots together. This is how i make my floor plan.

Of course, filling the centre area with all kind of food, utilities, decorations to maintain the high park rating, 300 guests is a piece of cake, my highest guest size is around 350 which is much higher than the challenge requirement.

Dinosaur Appeal

Appeal is not an issue if you want to house all creatures with max exhibit and max social. You will have way more appeal than the challenge requirement. However, here is a trick for you to get the 50k requirement easier and earlier. After you unlock DNA machine (I recommend to unlock this as soon as possible), you can adjust the creature perk by giving them items before hatching. I recommend Chubby and Shiny. Shiny will increase your appeal by 50% while Chubby will slightly increase the appeal while making the creature huge at a cost of more food. In order to get Shiny, you will need to give it Tier 1 or Tier 3 gem. For Chubby, just give it any meat food. Don’t worry about money, it is a joke after you max your science learn tree.

As shown in my screenshot, I have 125k appeal. You can have higher appeal than mine if you make all your creatures Shiny + Chubby. I only started to do this near the late game. Futhermore, creatures tend to have higher appeal when they leveled up, not all my creatures are at max level yet.


Starting Phase:
Low resource – You will have to earn more money, science points and heart points. However, need not worry, you have infinite time.

Middle Phase:
Boredom – Everything should be in order, keep digging and spawning eggs, perfect your exhibit, give the full grown bow or scuba goggles. Everything is repeating and the only problem now is boring.

End Phase:
After I got to near 80k appeal, around 140 creatures, all kind of bugs started to pop up:
-Dinosaur getting stuck at certain point in the exhibit where you will need to tranquilize and place them again.
-Guest size started to go down for no reason. Same utilities, higher appeal but guest size goes down. Mine goes down from 350 down to final around 220 when I house my last creature. I am not sure this is due to game lag or anything.
-Creatures walking past walls. Somehow you will find some creature appear in another exhibit in the next day or even outside the park. Yes, I had 3 of my Wuerhosaurus in the guest parking lots lol. Don’t ask me how or why. They will be tranquilized automatically anyway.

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