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Ultimate Baldur’s Gate 3 Romance Guide and Tips

This is how to Romance Gale post Patch 3. Patch 3 made some changes to how his romance works and also made it a lot easier to get friendzoned. I just had a successful Act 2 romance that included the Astral Plane sex scene and not “If only those words were from another.” Hoping this helps all the Gale Dinner Girlies and gives Gale all the love he deserves!

Act 1 Tips and Walkthrough

Romancing Gale has been made a lot more tricky after the latest update. Like many others, I believed his Act 2 romance scene to be completely changed, locked out, or cut. BUT, I buckled down and did the following things which gave me success in my current playthrough. I had the Astral Plane Sex Scene a few days ago and I can now kiss Gale whenever I want. All before even fighting Ketheric Thorme.

1. Don’t make Gale the first companion you grab after surviving the Nautolid crash.

I don’t know if this is a hard rule, but I picked up Gale only after getting Shadowheart and Astarion. I did read in another article that it might help prevent bugging.

2. Take all the Long Rests!

I think this was a BIG help to my playthrough so far. There are a LOT of cutscenes between characters and after big story events. I’m doing a Good Dark Urge playthrough which adds even more scenes. I think it’s pretty easy for Gale’s scenes/encounters to be put off way late or cut out if there’s too many other things happening. I really think it helps him be less buggy too. I only had one instance where he repeated himself so far. I had way more on other playthroughs.

3. Earn his approval.

There are several things you can do in Act 1 to get his approval. Gale is super easy to impress. Just do as many nice things as possible and don’t be mean to him. Save Mirkon from the Harpies. Save Arabella from Teela. Put yourself between the goblin and Tiefling with a crossbow. He does open up more and asks you to get items for him, if these quests are done. He also has some funny stories to share.

I’m not sure how high his approval really needs to be to not get the friendzone scene in Act 2. I, personally, was at a crazy Exceptional before it happened. I don’t believe it really needs to be that high though. Definitely at least Medium by the end of Act 1.

4. Give him 3 items to absorb when he asks for them.

There are tons of items that you can find in Act 1 for Gale to absorb. Just give him the stuff you don’t want. You get his approval and he doesn’t blow up!

I did notice there are a few areas that do trigger his Arcane Hunger(Needs an Item). When you approach the bridge to The Risen Road area and when you enter the Selunite Temple in the Goblin Camp. I found that those two areas basically guarantee he needs an item and/or he shares his condition.

5. Weave Scene

Doing the following steps actually gave me the Weave scene before the Tiefling party. Rule of Thumb for any Gale encounter: Be forward about how you feel and don’t be mean. Show interest. During the Weave scene, comment on him looking at Mystra. I chose “Pretty”. Let him show you how to use the weave. Take it seriously and pass the checks. You should reach an option where it says to hold the feeling, it’s a good night for intimacy. Choose the picturing Kissing him passionately option. He’ll be suprised, embarrassed, but love it. I think he kind of stops things there, but is happy.

6. Don’t Pursue other Companions

I’m not positive if it’s a hard rule, but it does make thing easier. Gale does not like to share and it may put off his advances. Astarion is actually hilarious in his reactions and gave approval during the Gazing at the Mirror scene when I told him that “He’s no Gale, but good.” I think Astarion tries to woo you during the first long rest too. I told him I’d rather lay with a goblin, lol!

You do NOT have to have super low approval with the other companions, just don’t lead them on. If you’re a BG3 veteran like me, you know which particular scenes start a fling. Just shut them down if you’re serious about Gale.

7. Tiefling Party

Approach Gale FIRST when you long rest to the Tiefling party. If you have the option, ask him what he thought about the weave scene. He’ll say something to the effect that it promises more to come and tell you to go have fun. Unfortunately, no further scenes with him here unless you haven’t done the Weave scene yet.

DO talk to the other companions. At this point in my current playthrough, Astarion, Lae’zel, and Shadowheart were all wanting romance. I turned them all down, holding out for Gale. When I went to bed I actually had an option about dreaming about being with Gale.

8. Elminster Scene

When you get to the end of Act 1, you’ll need to go to the Shadow-Cursed Lands which starts Act 2. There are two possible areas that I know of so far where Elminster pops up. At the Tiela Crags Shadow-Cursed Lands entrance near Rosemyrn Monastery and after entering the elevator at the Underdark:Grymforge.

I don’t think it matters which area you actually encounter him. Just look out for knock off Gandalf. Invite Elminster to your camp, where you’ll then hear Mystra’s request. Show you support Gale and don’t be rude to Elminster. Show interest, but imply that you don’t approve of what Mystra wants.

This should lead you into Act 2. With a romance budding, support shown, and decently high approval.

Act 2 Tips and Walkthrough

I am definitely not done with Act 2, but I did have Gale’s Romance scene and not the close, but horrible friendzone scene.

1. Gale Admiring You After a Battle Scene

I’m pretty sure if you get this scene, then that means the Act 2 romance is guaranteed. I don’t believe I had this scene in my other playthrough where I was friendzoned. This scene has popped up in different areas for me. It’s happened after fighting with/against the Harpers, after protecting Isobel from abduction, and after fighting Yurgir. In my current playthrough this scene came after protecting Isobel. It’s a cute, awkward, scene where Gale basically says he’s into you. Don’t be rude. He’s making an effort. I responded with “You’re attracted to me, even now?”. He’ll say some lovely things.

2. Infiltrate Moonrise Towers

Gale’s Act 2 romance scene is triggered when doing a Long Rest AFTER going to Moonrise Towers undercover. You can do other quests before this, but don’t get too carried away. I stopped and long rested after talking to the Drow Lady, Freeing the Gnolls, and talking to Z’rell. Infiltrating Moonrise Towers will help future fights there less difficult by eliminating a few enemies and give you more ways to get Astarion approval if you don’t want his approval too low.

Long rest after talking to Z’rell about helping Balthazar. At camp you will see Gale’s projection at his tent. If you’re in Astarion’s good graces, he wants to talk to you too. I ignored Astarion and went straight to Gale. It doesn’t mess up Astarion’s storyline to skip it, just talk to him later.

Gale’s projection should lead you to Gale. Gale will be gloomy, sensing his end, but wanting to confess. Choose positive and forward responses. This scene is scary for me now because the beginning is nearly identical to the friendzone scene, BUT at some point in the conversation you can lean in for a kiss. From there it’s smooth sailing. If you choose the show me option, then you get the Astral Plane sex scene. If you choose I want to be with the real Gale, then it’ll be a nice scene that cuts out after a kiss in bed. Personally, I loved the Astral Plane sex scene more. I did have a full Gale playthrough ending in marriage before this one, but no Astral Plane sex and it made it feel slightly flat. Just saying, choose what you desire. 😉

3. Congrats! You’re a Couple!

The next morning, talk to Gale. Let him know that you enjoyed it. He’ll be relieved. From then on you can talk to him about your relationship and kiss him whenever you want. He’s super romantic so have fun. Just don’t break up with him after all your hard work!

4. Discovering the Netherbrain

If you want a happy engagement ending with Gale. Persuade him to not blow himself up when you encounter the Netherbrain. It will end the game, right then and there! And no Act 3 romance! I believe I chose the option that said it was not for just him to decide anymore.

Act 3 Tips and Walkthrough

As I stated in the other acts, I am currently not in Act 3, but I have done a full Gale Romance in my previous playthrough with Patch 3 happening between the Act 2 and Act 3 romance scenes. I did get the happy ending with Gale.

1. The Romance Test at the Circus

Before you actually go to Baldur’s Gate, you end up in Rivington. Rivington has a circus where you can do a love test. The love test is very fun and can even further your approval and relationship. Approach the dryad(plant-looking lady) at the circus. She will ask you who your love is and choose Gale. She asks what food he is most like. I chose a roasted onion, because he’s layered and all. He approves of this. I have also read that he approves if you choose apple. I believe another question is what is his favorite place or where he is happiest. His tower at Waterdeep is the answer. The question I remember the most is something like what is his fault or darkest secret. He doesn’t like it if you say he approves too easily and he’s too nice. The real answer is that he believes that world would be better without him. Sad, but true. He does approve and you have a nice moment with him.

2. Sorcerer and Sundries

After entering Baldur’s Gate at the Basilisk Gate waypoint, you should be near Sorceror and Sundries. Gale wants the Annals of Karsus to learn more about the Crown atop the Netherbrain. I won’t go into too much detail here, there are plenty of guides that help you get through the labyrinth and read them. During the interaction Gale has when reading them, choose the option that basically says the crown should be destroyed and he won’t be the next Karsus. This will start him down the path of not choosing to take the crown from himself and become a God. Gale becoming a God does not result in a happy ending with Tav.

3. Act 3 Romance: Boat Scene

After leaving Sorcerer and Sundries Gale will say he needs to talk to you. As you leave Elminster will be waiting for you. Talk to him, but do NOT go straight to see Mystra. This will stop the Act 3 Romance from happening!

Long rest and go talk to Gale. I believe when you go to bed it will start the Act 3 Romance scene in the boat with him. Gale will be eager to take the crown for himself, but remind him that you love him, not his magic, and that he’s more than enough. This should dissuade him from pursuing the Crown. I’ve heard it can go a little differently, but it’s really important to dissuade him from taking the crown and letting him know he’s enough.

4. Mystra Encounter

Afterwards, you can go see Mystra. At some point in the conversation BEFORE he actually talks to Mystra, there’s an option where you ask him to beg her forgiveness to remove the orb. I don’t like that response, but it’s the clearest way to guarantee a happy ending by the end of the game. Gale should tell Mystra the truth that he didn’t want to die and she will give him the option to deliver the crown to her and be free of the orb.

5. Final Battle

Everything between Mystra’s audience and the final battle should not mess with a happy ending. Before you climb the brain for the Final fight there will be an option to have Gale blow himself up. Obviously, do NOT tell him if you want your happy ending. Destroy the brain. Gale will mention the Crown. Tell him he should leave it or give it to Mystra. This should lead to all the scenes with companions. I chose “You’re Mystra’s Chosen again.” for Gale. He shows he’s grown and says she can wait. Then there should be a final scene after a blackout with Gale where he will propose!

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