How to Increase Weapon FOV in Crysis 3 Remastered

This guide will show you how to increase weapon FOV in Cyrsis 3 Remastered.

Change weapon FOV

First unlock console by clicking on the (~) on keyboard and pressing the command “con_restricted=0” then hit Enter.

Increase Weapon FOV : “r_drawnearfov 65” on console (~) and click Enter. You can use any value here but i found 65 to be best and used it for demonstration below.



How to Hide HUD and Weapon

Hide HUD : “hud_hide 1” , this will hide the hud for enabling it again press “hud_hide 0” in the console and click Enter.

Take SS without weapon “r_drawnearfov 2” to hide the weapon , for enabling it again you can use your preferred value here.

Console This is how console commands looks

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