How to Increase Your Survival Rate in Sons Of The Forest

In this guide, I am sharing my basic survival tips, recommended items, and general knowledge of the game based on my extensive experience of playing for a prolonged period. I believe it is crucial to provide this information to help those who struggle to survive in the game due to encountering mutants or cannibals. So, let’s dive in and explore the essentials.

General Tips

  • It is advisable to avoid attacking enemy units during the early stages of the game as they offer no benefits. Eliminating an enemy patrol will only aggravate them, resulting in more frequent and numerous groups of mutants patrolling the area. Instead, it is better to stay out of their sight and wait for them to move on.
  • Moving out of your camp after dark should be avoided, unless it is absolutely necessary. This is due to the high concentration of enemy patrols in the forest at night. Moreover, it is difficult to move around in the dark, and using a light source like a flashlight or flare will make you visible to the enemy from a distance.
  • When exploring the island, especially in the forest, it is essential to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for enemy patrols. The game’s stealth mechanics are effective, and staying well-hidden will prevent the enemy from detecting you. Enemy units can even climb trees and attack you from the air, so it is crucial to stay alert.
  • It is recommended to move around in a crouched position, especially if you are unsure about the safety of your surroundings. This reduces the amount of noise you make, and even if you are a few meters away from the enemy, there is a good chance that you will go unnoticed.
  • Take note of your character’s physiological needs, such as hunger and fatigue. Make sure to keep your character well-fed and rested, as this affects your character’s combat and movement abilities. If your character has bloody hands, it indicates infection, while an icy screen signifies hypothermia. Neglecting these can result in a reduction in stamina, making fighting and running more difficult.
  • After defeating a group of cannibals, it is advisable to gather leftover body parts such as heads, hands, and legs to construct effigies that can intimidate your opponents.
  • It is important to avoid fighting with the enemy to prevent an escalation of conflict. As you defeat more enemies, their patrols will become more frequent, aggressive, and larger, consisting of more powerful mutants and cannibals.
  • If your character gets soaked with water, seek shelter quickly and stand next to a heat source like a campfire. Hypothermia can set in quickly, and exposure to cold temperatures will lower your character’s health and can even result in death.
  • Watch your step while exploring the island, as a quick trip can result in falling from hidden cliffs that can cause significant damage to your character’s health or even lead to instant death.

Combat Tips

  • It’s important to keep in mind that opponents in the game are stronger than they appear, and just a few attacks can take down your character. Although better armor becomes available as you progress, the first few hours of gameplay can be challenging.
  • When you come across an enemy patrol, it’s best to take cover and crouch instead of immediately engaging in combat. Some enemies move quickly and may retreat, only to return later with reinforcements.
  • Prioritize defeating normal cannibals first and leave the tougher mutants for later. This approach will make the task at hand much more manageable.
  • It’s recommended to upgrade from the initial axe to a more effective weapon, as combat will become easier and you will have the ability to customize your equipment based on the situation.
  • Keep in mind that the enemy can see you even if you can’t see them. Look out for enemy shouts or changes in the background music to avoid being caught off guard.
  • Your character has the ability to block incoming attacks, even with a simple axe, which can prevent damage and help you survive in combat.

Base Construction Tips

  • Traps are a great way to defend your base. Use them to create chokepoints or funnel the enemy towards your weapons or fire. You can use a variety of traps, including spiked walls, deadfall traps, or even explosive traps.
  • When building your base, try to create multiple entry and exit points. This will allow you to escape quickly if the base is attacked and will make it harder for the enemy to corner you.
  • Keep your base well-stocked with food, water, and medicine. You don’t want to run out of supplies during an attack or be forced to venture out into the dangerous wilderness to find resources.
  • Don’t forget about hygiene. Your character will get dirty and covered in blood during combat, and this can lead to infections. You can wash yourself in streams or use a rain collector to collect water for washing.
  • If you’re struggling to survive on your own, consider playing with friends. The Forest supports cooperative multiplayer, and working together can make survival much easier.
  • Experiment with different strategies and playstyles. There’s no one right way to play The Forest, and you may find that a different approach works better for you. Try building a massive fortress, living off the land, or even avoiding combat entirely.
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