How to Install Isekai Mods in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

In this guide, I will which mods to use for an Isesaki Mode of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim using Nexus Mods.

Vortex Installation

Vortex is a Mod Manager for Nexus Mods but to download it, you’ll need to create a Nexus Mods Account. Once that’s finished, you can use install the Vortex Mod Manager then locate where Skyrim is installed.

When downloading Mods for Skyrim, make sure it contains a Green Check (Meaning that its safe to use) and be careful as some mods are dangerous.

Secondly, Nexus Mods Accounts have 2 levels, Free and Premium

  • Free Members – Self Explanatory and while downloads are slow
  • Premium Members – Requires Subscription Cost

Serana Dialogue Add On Pack

One of the Most Popular Skyrim Mods is SDA as It’s a highly acclaimed and popular expansion of Serana’s dialogue and NPC features to make her a more immersive follower. Serana Dialogue Add-On (SDA) adds more facets and dimensions to the character, exploring new character traits and new character arcs. As an NPC, Serana is more intelligent and has many new follower features. The dialogue lines in this mod (over 7000) are all fully voiced, utilizing new voice-acted lines by Kerstyn Unger.

The mod also works with the SDA Patch Hub.

Awareness Patches (Gameplay Mods):
Campfire: When Serana is in a relationship with the player, she can spoon with them at a Campfire. Requires the Campfire mod by Chesko. (OPTIONAL)

Wintersun: Optional patch for the Wintersun mod, so that it recognizes SDA’s custom Serana marriage for Mara, Dibella, and Morwha’s religious tenets. (OPTIONAL)

I’m Glad You’re Here: Patch for I’m Glad You’re Here. Adds revoice for the Serana Huggies! Also disables GYH’s gift feature in favor of SDA’s, while still giving GYH’s perk boosts!

Awareness Patches (Armor Mods):
Crimson Blood Armor: Dialogue awareness for the DX Crimson Blood Armor. To start, during the Chasing Echoes quest, read Valerica’s Journal placed in the Castle Courtyard.

Lustmord Armor: Optional patch for the Lustmord Armor. New quest-aware commentary, as well as dialogue for said armor. (OPTIONAL)

Awareness Patches (Quest Mods):
House of Horrors Quest Expansion. Serana will be able to fully comment on the tweaked and expanded House of Horrors quest, courtesy of JaySerpa. Based on what you choose the quest – and Serana’s subsequent interactions will play out differently.

No To Nocturnal: Serana will now comment on the Thieves Guild quest differently if you refuse to become a Nightingale. Support for actual role-play, yay! New dialogue lines as well as tweaked dialogue for the existing Thieves Guild commentary. (OPTIONAL)

Compatibility Patches:
Amorous Adventures: Recommended patch for those who use Amorous Adventures (Not AA Plus). Rebuilt from the ground-up so that it just disables all the Amorous Adventures Serana content on game load.

Castle Vokihar Rebuilt: Patch for the Castle Volkihar Rebuilt mod, ensuring that SDA’s Home Marker works well with this mod (which also changes Serana’s dismiss point).

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul: This patch disables RDOs added dialogue to prevent VA overlap and provide a consistent user experience.

Convenient Horses: Patch for the Convenient Horses mod to ensure you can use Serana’s Custom Horse Support from SDA along with the new features/horse support that naturally comes with the former mod. (OPTIONAL)

IFD Lydia: Patch for IFD Lydia. Revoices her existing banter, and tweaks it to trigger more reliably.

Other Support Mods

Here are other Mods that also work with Skyrim SE:

  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch
  • Face Discoloration Fix
  • SkyUI
  • Bijin SE Packs: Bijin Wives/Bijin NPCs/Bijin Warmaidens/Bijin for Warmaidens Makeup Remover

Using the Vortex Mod Skyrim

To Play Skyrim using the Vortex Mod Manager Mods Enabled, you must have Skyrim Script Extender 64 installed.

Once installed, click on the Skyrim Script Extender to start Skyrim. You’ll need to purchase Skyrim Anniversary SE so to locate where the game is installed.

You’ll also meed the Vortex Mod Manger Opened to play Skyrim too.

Once Skyrim is opened, Start a New Game, Create a Character and enjoy your Isekai Fantasy in the 4th Age of Tamriel.

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