How to Kill a Mountain Lion in WolfQuest

This is how to kill a cougar/mountain Lion in Wolfquest AE, easy mode. I will do Accurate, and challenging, soon. But first, lets start off small with easy.

How to find a Cougar

First you want to find a cougar, they can be found near carcasses, but do not hunt prey just now, it will waste stamina, and health. You might want to hunt prey ahead of time, or find one that some other animal killed. I also found it easy to hunt for them in meadows, like Lamar Valley, First Meadow, and Second Meadow. I found it harder to find cougars in both Lost River (classic), and Lost River there ere not many meadows, and lots of trees, buildings, ect.

Were to bite/attack

After you find a Cougar, I found it better to bit it in the middle, its sides. It would take a good enough time to move away, and recover after attacks before it turns around and tries to attack back. When attacking you always want to hold down the S key, or the back button so you could always run away before it tries to attack you. Also, the cougar never really “runs” at you, it really just speed trots until it gets close enough. I watch the fright or fight meter at the top of their head, if the fight meter go us then it will attack, but if the fright meter gets to high, you might wanna save stamina because Cougars are very fast.

The Chase

When a cougar Is running, this is were the extra stamina comes in. Cougars are faster than you so I use this move around were i get to one side, and wait for it to slow down. Then I dive bomb the cougar and spam the space bar, holding it down between bites.

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