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How to Level Up Alchemy in Bless Unleashed

This guide will instruct you on the basics of levelling up Alchemy as well as methods/materials that are required to achieve the best results as efficiently as possible. The same methods can also be applied for levelling other crafts besides Alchemy but since we’re talking about potion making here, I’ll just stick on the matter at hand.

Necessary Preparations

Well ever heard of the right tools for the right job? It basically means that you need to equip yourself with equipment that has Gathering effects instead of Attack Power/Defense/Critical Hit Rate and so on so forth.That is IF… and only IF you have or have acquired gears of that kind of course. No need to fret if you don’t have such items in your inventory just make sure that when you stumble upon such items from drops don’t salvage/destroy/sell them unless you managed to obtained ones that have higher effects and keep the new better ones and discard the older ones so as not to clutter your inventory with junk. An image that demonstrates such an item and it’s effects is given.

Now that we’ve got the gears covered let’s talk about the second tool that you need for increased chances of productivity and efficiency. It’s called the ” TOUCH OF LILY’ANTHES “. This one is pretty commonly available to all of us whether we wanted it or not. And it becomes available to all players after doing a few main quests in Carcazor and then a Side Quest unlocks immediately after completing one of the mains. The location and quest will appear in your quest tracking so don’t worry about finding it, it’s not hard to miss only a man with zero common sense can actually miss something so obvious. Anyway I digress so after completing that quest you can unlock that blessing and it immediately equips itself to your character and you can’t un-equip it either because there is no such option and second reason is because that is the first blessing in the game that you get. You can press K in your keyboard or whatever the keybind is for you and go to SKILLS or just press ESC and find an option that says SKILLS and go to the Blesssing Section of Skills tab and there you’ll find Touch of Lily’anthes and more. Reference image is given for more details about its effects just click on it and they will reveal.

Now that the blessing part is covered, let’s move on to additional obtainables that you may or may not have in your bag but will still write about it because my guide does say efficiency so I will write every detail. I digress… so the third tool you’ll need for becoming the perfect farmer is a Scroll that you obtain from Mains and Sides (Main quests and Side quests). If you have it then use it just before you start harvesting for Plants. Reference image is given. The item that is highlighted in the picture not the other ones


There are additional bonus effects that boosts your crafting and gathering that you can apply to yourself for seven (7) days through UNION TRAITS but those are reserved for a bit later into the story so… yeah ignore this one for now and figure it out on your own for once. Two demo images are given look them up for reference. The squares that are highlighted in orange in those images by the way.



Ok so first thing’s first buy yourself a hundred (100) pieces of Clean Empty Bottle and store them at the Warehouse Manager NPC.


Go to your alchemy station and look for an item called Recovery Potion II .

Hover on the materials that are required to craft that item and click on each of them to reveal the details regarding their farming locations or where to obtain them. The trick here is to try and craft an item that yields more crafting XP. I assume most of the people reading this have not yet unlocked most of the higher grade potions however more recipes will unlock for you by levelling up your craft as you proceed like the items that are highlighted and shown in the images below.


When you have finally narrowed down on your goal and after prepping the necessary tools go and harvest the plants that you require for crafting the highest AVAILABLE potion in your Alchemy Station.


After you’ve gathered/cleared the entire region of the necessary plants that you require go to your Alchemy Station and craft until all your materials run out and you get to a newer level where new recipes unlock for you. New recipes of higher grade. Remember the higher grade the item you’re trying to craft the more XP it will yield but also means more materials and rare ones get added into the mix for some items and it COULD get difficult… or maybe not if grinding is your jam just like me. Just remember the trick I told you, it’s to craft the items that yield the most XP, it is a repetitive process so get ready for minutes to hours of farming (of course I’m not telling you to do it 24×7, just farm for one hour to two hours a day is enough after or before you start with your quests).

Additional Things to Remember

To be honest crafting potions is not difficult it’s pretty easy, but I assume most who will be reading this guide are new players or new players who are entirely new to the MMORPG genre itself in which case it would mean that the learning curve for them will be a bit higher compared to those who had prior experience with MMORPGs. Albeit the case a new player is a new player regardless and I imagine those who might be reading this guide are hoping to find a more consistent way of farming and levelling their Alchemy Stations. It would be wise to level up your Alchemy at an early stage and be more incentivized to get it to at least level 10 because as you climb to higher levels your HP could sky rocket upto 20k or even more perhaps. So then pretty much even the highest grade of RECOVERY POTION which is the Recovery Potion V won’t be able to recover much of your HP during crucial battles and solo situations with deadly world bosses due to the fact that all potions that start with a “RECOVERY” before potion… recover only a set amount of health. The lowest being 500 HP to the highest being 2500 HP(you might still wanna keep this one in your inventory for recovering minor damage though). So by levelling up your Alchemy Stations you unlock more recipes for even higher grade potions that are called HEALING POTION starting from Healing Potion I – It recovers 45% of your Max HP. Then Healing Potion II – recovers 60% of your Max HP. And lastly Healing Potion III – recovers 70% of your Max HP (you unlock this one at max level of alchemy). You’re pretty much gonna want the HEALING POTIONS later in mid game because even the lowest grade of HEALING POTION is 5x better than a RECOVERY POTION V. And the most used one and easier to obtain is the HEALING POTION II, it’s a huge overhaul compared to the Healing Potion I because it heals 60% of max HP. Remember percentage potions are always better than standard potions because the amount of HP they recover scale according to your HP count. But standard ones heal a set amount of HP like I mentioned earlier. There is one other potion type that you can use that really comes in handy during tough battles and all of your high grade potions are still on cooldown, It’s called Potion of Regeneration but you’ll have to find that out on your own because I’ve given you enough information to be able to handle such a simple problem. Anyway if you’re farming in regions/areas that you haven’t unlocked from progressing through main quest but rather simply by exploring them and revealing the map as an open world experience and it so happens that you’re still below level 27 just be mindful of the monsters and mobs that are in certain areas, you might encounter some of them that have a very specific icon displaying on their Status/HP bars. The Icon indicates Gear Score (GS) penalty and it looks like a Shield & Sword. If it’s orange in colour meaning you can kill the enemy/mob but you won’t be able to dispatch them quicker than the usual ones who don’t have said icon. And I highly advice from fighting them in hordes. Now if the Icon on their Status/HP bar is RED colored then I strongly advice you do not provoke them and when they do aggro onto you just run and ignore them, because they’ve got 80-95% damage reduction BUFF on them if you do not have the Appropriate Gear Score (GS) to kill them. They can one shot you but you however can’t kill them fast enough than they’re able to damage you.

Also the method for increasing your levels in crafting can be applied on any other crafts besides Alchemy, of course the only difference being is the object type and materials since different crafts means an entirely different set of materials and a different set of item type. However the procedures for levelling them is the same. And one other thing I did not add previously in the steps to follow. There is another blessing you can use to boost your crafting XP WHILE crafting, for this you’ll have to remove and replace your Touch of Lily’anthes blessing after gathering all the necessary raw materials required to craft your desired item. You replace it with the blessing “Touch of Paetion” after you have acquired and unlocked it later in the game of course. Blessings can be replaced either at a Soul Pyre for a 100 Star Seeds or Alter of Physera for free. Anyway when you have “Touch of Paetion” equipped just go ahead and craft whatever it is you desire with a boost to crafting XP. However, at the moment I myself do not use this trick because it doesn’t seem to work XP gain is still the same after equipping it. Seems like it’s bugged currently, but I hope they fix it later though so just try and see if they did already by the way. An image showing the blessing ‘Touch of Paetion’ is given below.

Well… I hope this guide helped in some way. Be sure to let me know if I missed something or made an error, I will update it and give credit to the one who pointed out a few missing things. ENJOY guys and remember it’s always CONSISTENCY that gets the levels not LAZINESS so keep grinding and immerse yourself in it and you will have levelled to the max in no time by the time you realized it.

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