How to Master Stealth in The Outlast Trials

This comprehensive guide aims to enhance your stealth gameplay in The Outlast Trials, providing valuable tips to prevent yourself from being detected. Feel free to share any additional insights in the comments below, and you will be credited once your suggestions have been tested.

Stealth Tips: How to Avoid Detection

The stealth mechanics in The Outlast Trials are well-designed overall, with a few exceptions. Different enemy types require varying approaches to stealth. Here are some tips to improve your stealth gameplay:

  1. Exploit Darkness to Your Advantage! Utilize the darkness to your benefit. Hiding in close proximity to enemies following a set path becomes possible due to the limited visibility. In the darkness, you are virtually invisible, and enemies primarily rely on sound to track you. Move cautiously or crouch after entering the darkness (with a couple of exceptions discussed in section 6). However, be cautious as enemies may briefly search the area if they lose sight of you in the darkness.
  2. Hiding Spots Can Be Risky Enemies may randomly check hiding spots, but you can predict their behavior. When being pursued, enemies will inspect hiding spots where they last saw you. To evade them, break their line of sight, create distance, and then hide. Peeking without being detected is usually possible, although further testing is needed to confirm this. Additionally, enemies tend to check hiding spots along their patrol routes. Therefore, if you anticipate an enemy’s presence near a hiding spot, it’s advisable to avoid using it. (Note: It’s likely that enemies only check hiding spots when they stop walking, so hiding in a locker as they pass by should be safe.)
  3. Line of Sight Can Be Tricky Enemies can spot you through windows, even when you’re crouched beneath them. Therefore, it’s best to avoid windows whenever possible. If you are in close proximity to an enemy on the other side of a wall, they may still detect you. It appears that enemies have a predefined distance at which they notice you, particularly in well-lit areas.
  4. Utilize Throwable Objects to Your Advantage Take advantage of throwable objects to disarm traps, such as electric floor traps, TNT, and mines. However, door traps are an exception, as throwable objects won’t affect them significantly. Fortunately, dealing with door traps is relatively easy, as explained next.
  5. Door Traps Are Easily Overcome Door traps can be frustrating, catching you off guard as you attempt to move quietly or evade pursuit. To counter them effectively, hold the left mouse button while opening a door slowly, which will prevent the trap from triggering. Alternatively, if you are being chased and have sufficient time, crouch and open the door, allowing the electric spike to pass harmlessly above you.
  6. Some Enemies Can See in the Dark Certain enemies, such as Impostors equipped with night-vision goggles or the electric-baton-wielding crackheads in a crouched position, can see you even in the dark. These enemies pose a significant challenge. Impostors can be temporarily deterred by hitting them with a throwable object, causing them to retreat to an exit. On the other hand, crackheads with electrified weapons are blind in well-lit areas. If you encounter one while in darkness, quickly make your way to the nearest light source.

Enemies that cannot see you but are actively searching will swing their weapons in the air, attempting to locate your presence. They may even move toward the sound you made. Generally, speed walking away should suffice to evade them, except for the large blinded grunt. The blinded grunt is a massive individual adorned with chains and metal, reminiscent of a BDSM event. He swings his weapon wildly most of the time and can hear your footsteps near him. Crouch to move silently around him and use a bottle to divert his attention.

Successfully Escaping Pursuit

When you are spotted in The Outlast Trials, your priority is to escape. However, your stamina is limited, making it crucial to employ effective strategies.

  1. Utilize Doors While Running Closing doors behind you while being chased will hinder enemies’ movement and obstruct their line of sight, provided the doors do not have windows. If you find it challenging to stop, turn around, and close a door, don’t worry! While sprinting through a door, slightly orient your view toward it and click, enabling your character to automatically close the door without slowing down. In the prison, on higher difficulties, certain hallways have cameras with green lasers above them. If a camera spots you, it will seal off the hallway with a metal security door until you leave. If you’re being pursued and you enter one of these hallways, intentionally let the camera see you. It will block off the hallway, forcing the chasing enemies to detour, giving you more time to escape.
  2. Hide After Escaping Once you have distanced yourself from the pursuing enemy, you must break their line of sight or retreat into darkness to shake them off. If you merely break their line of sight, find a hiding spot that is not too close to their last-known location to avoid detection during their search. If you manage to escape into darkness, stop running, as enemies can still track you by sound. Instead, walk away quietly to put more distance between you and the pursuer.
  3. Seek Assistance from Teammates If you are participating in a trial with other players, teamwork can be advantageous. Ask a friend to intercept the enemy, drawing their attention away from you. This diversion can buy you time to recover stamina, locate an escape route, or simply evade the enemy more effectively. However, ensure that your teammate is willing to take on this role before attempting this strategy.
  4. Exploit Vaults (with Limitations) When your stamina is depleted, and an enemy is directly behind you, you can still jump and vault over obstacles. If there is a broken window available and the enemy is about to vault after you, you can vault back through the same window at the same time, creating some distance between you. While this technique can be seen as somewhat exploitative, it can provide you with valuable time to strategize or allow a teammate to come to your aid.”

Feel free to adjust and expand on these tips based on your experiences and feedback from other players. Best of luck in your stealth endeavors in The Outlast Trials!

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