How To Maximize The Weather Boosts In Pokemon GO

Last December 2017, Pokemon GO received a big feature update which introduced the dynamic in-game weather. This weather feature not only comes with nice graphical effects but also responds similarly to the current weather in your location.

In addition to the features, the weather also comes with some interesting side effects that will benefit the trainers. One is that some types of Pokemon appear more often depending on the type of weather. Another is that a Pokemon will be stronger than usual which will result in a higher CP that will also affect the other stats.

Pokemon GO Weather

It is also notable that catching a boosted Pokemon will give you extra 25% stardust. Last but not the least is that the newly caught Pokemon will be more powerful when battling if the weather suits their type. This is why you can use the weather to take advantage when you’re in a Raid Battle or just taking down some gyms.

Weather Boosted Type Pokemon

  • Clear/Sunny – Fire, Ground and Grass-type Pokemon
  • Rainy – Water, Bug and Electric-type Pokemon
  • Cloudy – Fairy, Fighting and Poison-type Pokemon
  • Partly Cloudy – Normal and Rock-type Pokemon
  • Windy – Flying, Psychic and Dragon-type Pokemon
  • Snow – Ice and Steel-type Pokemon
  • Fog – Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon

Levels of Weather

There is no concrete information about this, but according to some reports and research, snow, rain, wind and fog comes to have three different levels depending on their severity which results to a higher boost to the maximum CP and IV’s of a Pokemon.

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