How to Play as Tracker in Town of Salem 2

This guide explores the strategies and intricacies of playing the Tracker role in Town of Salem. It covers everything from understanding the role’s basic functionality to advanced tactics and counterplay. Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or a seasoned player looking to enhance your skills, this guide provides valuable insights that can contribute to your success. Join the world of the Tracker, unravel the mysteries of your fellow town members, and lead your town to victory, one visit at a time!

Role Overview

As a Tracker, you align with the Town Investigative (TI) faction and possess no immunities, making you vulnerable to both attacks and defenses. Your abilities revolve around information gathering and are non-unique, meaning multiple players can potentially have the same role. Each night, you can utilize your tracking ability to monitor one person and observe their visits. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to see Astral visits made by your target. Nonetheless, the information you gather is reliable and cannot be deceived or manipulated by other roles, ensuring the integrity of your findings. Like all town members, your ultimate goal is to eliminate criminals and evildoers. The Tracker role in Town of Salem 2 functions similarly to its counterpart in the original game, allowing you to monitor and report players’ nightly activities effectively.

Principles, Limitations, and Strategic Approach

Role Basics: As a Tracker, your role falls under the Town Investigative alignment. Each night, you have the power to follow a single player and observe their visits, if any. This ability is invaluable in uncovering the roles and allegiances of your fellow players. For instance, if you track a player who visits someone that ends up dead the next day, you may have discovered a killer. Conversely, tracking someone who visits a player claiming to have been healed could lead you to the Town’s Doctor.

Limitations: Despite the power of your ability, you have some limitations to consider. The most significant limitation is your inability to detect Astral visits. Certain roles, such as the Jailor or Mayor, don’t physically leave their houses when using their abilities, rendering their actions hidden from your watchful eyes. Remember this when analyzing the information you gather; the absence of evidence doesn’t always imply innocence.

Unfalsifiable Information: One of the Tracker’s greatest strengths lies in the certainty of the information you gather. Unlike some roles that can be misled or deceived, your findings cannot be manipulated by other roles. This provides you and the Town with confidence in the accuracy of your claims. However, should inconsistencies arise in your findings, consider the influence of other roles’ abilities that could create seemingly conflicting information.

Strategy: The strategic use of your ability can be a game-changer. Use your power to track players suspected of engaging in suspicious activities or to confirm or refute players’ claims about their roles. However, keep in mind that your power also makes you a target for evil roles. Therefore, discretion is crucial. Share the information you gather judiciously and at opportune moments to avoid drawing unwanted attention. A well-timed revelation can turn the tide of the game in the Town’s favor.

Armed with these guidelines and tactics, you’re ready to master the Tracker role. Your observational skills could be the key to leading the Town to victory. Happy tracking, and may your diligent surveillance be rewarded!

Tracker Log Template

Maintaining a detailed log of your actions and findings as a Tracker can help you stay consistent in your claims and share valuable information with the town. Here’s a simple template you can use:

Tracker’s Log

  • Night 1: Tracked (Player’s name): Visited (Name of visited player or ‘None’)
  • Night 2: Tracked (Player’s name): Visited (Name of visited player or ‘None’)
  • Night 3: Tracked (Player’s name): Visited (Name of visited player or ‘None’)

And so on…


  • Record specific suspicions or patterns you notice
  • Document crucial game events related to your tracked players

Feel free to modify this template as needed. Updating it every night will help you stay informed about the game’s developments and increase your chances of leading the Town to victory.

Pretending to be a Tracker

Pretending to be a Tracker can be an effective strategy for certain roles, such as Executioner or Jester. Here are a few tips to convincingly impersonate a Tracker:

  1. Understand the Tracker’s Abilities: First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the Tracker’s abilities and mechanics. A Tracker can follow one person each night to observe their visits. However, they cannot detect Astral visits.
  2. Create a Convincing Will: Develop a plausible fake will early in the game and update it each night. Your will should indicate who you visited and who they visited, if anyone. Ensure your fake will makes sense and aligns with the game events.
  3. Be Proactive: Trackers are investigative roles expected to share valuable information with the town. Avoid being too quiet; share some of your findings (whether true or false) to add credibility to your claim.
  4. Pay Attention to Game Events: Ensure your claims align with the events occurring in the game. If you claim someone visited another player, make sure that person confirms your claim or that the event aligns with other game happenings.
  5. Anticipate Suspicion: Be prepared for some suspicion, particularly from the person you’re claiming to have tracked. Remember, you’re pretending to be a role that could pose a threat to them if they’re evil.
  6. Know Your Counter Claims: Be prepared for counter claims. Other Town Investigative roles may dispute your claim if you’re pretending to be a Tracker, especially if their investigations don’t align with yours. Be ready to defend your position and subtly sow doubts about any counter claims.

Remember, impersonating another role is a risky strategy that requires quick thinking and adaptability. Good luck!

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