Warface: Breakout

Warface: Breakout Trophies for PS4

Check out the complete and official Warface: Breakout trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Warface: Breakout, players will be collecting 39 trophies consisting of 22 bronze, 12 silver, 4 gold, and 1 platinum. There is no secret or hidden trophy in Warface: Breakout. Check out the full Warface: Breakout trophies for PS4 below.

Warface: Breakout Trophies

First BloodKill an enemy for the first timeBronze Trophy
So It BeginsWin your first gameBronze Trophy
Corporate WarfareWin 5 rounds as a WardenBronze Trophy
A Reaper's BountyWin 5 rounds as a ReaperBronze Trophy
Not On My WatchWin a round by defusing the bombBronze Trophy
Mastery: Assault RiflesKill 10 enemies with your assault rifle in a single gameBronze Trophy
Mastery: ShotgunsKill 10 enemies with your shotgun in a single gameBronze Trophy
Mastery: SMGsKill 10 enemies with your SMG in a single gameBronze Trophy
Mastery: Machine GunsKill 10 enemies with your machine gun in a single gameBronze Trophy
Mastery: Sniper RiflesKill 10 enemies with your sniper rifle in a single gameBronze Trophy
Mastery: HandgunsKill 5 enemies with your handgun in a single gameBronze Trophy
Mastery: MeleeKill 5 enemies with your melee weaponBronze Trophy
Caught in the ActKill an enemy who is planting or defusing the bombBronze Trophy
Fire In the HoleKill an enemy using a grenadeBronze Trophy
Been There, Done ThatWin a game on each of the five original release mapsBronze Trophy
A Brand of My OwnCustomize your weapon with a skinBronze Trophy
Serious BusinessWin a Ranked gameBronze Trophy
Five-Second RuleKill 10 enemies with guns dropped by other players in a single gameBronze Trophy
Tastes DifferChange the look of any piece of equipmentBronze Trophy
Fashion is My ProfessionCustomize your player avatarBronze Trophy
This One Has PromiseBe in the top three in your team after winning a Ranked gameBronze Trophy
–°amaraderieWin a game with a friendBronze Trophy
Aim for the HeadKill 10 enemies with headshots in a single gameSilver Trophy
Paid in FullReach the first place in your team after winning three RankedSilver Trophy
Flawless VictoryWin a game without letting the enemy team win a single roundSilver Trophy
BlitzkriegWin a round in less than 60 secondsSilver Trophy
VeteranReach player level 30Silver Trophy
UndertakerKill 150 enemiesSilver Trophy
High NoonKill three enemies with revolver headshots within a single roundSilver Trophy
Demo ManKill 10 enemies with grenades in Ranked matchesSilver Trophy
Piercing LightKill 10 enemies blinded by a flashbangSilver Trophy
No ScopeKill two enemies with your sniper rifle without using the scopeSilver Trophy
Take ThreeKill three enemies without reloadingSilver Trophy
Double TroubleKill two enemies with one grenadeSilver Trophy
The SaviorWin a round against 3 enemies or more being the last man standingGold Trophy
UntouchableWin a round by defusing the bomb with no team casualtiesGold Trophy
Sector SecuredKill the whole enemy team in a single roundGold Trophy
True ChampionWin 100 gamesGold Trophy
Breakout MastermindCollect all Breakout trophiesPlatinum Trophy

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