How to Reach 200mph Using an Inline 4 Engine in Street Legal 1: REVision

How to get the All You Need achievement in Street Legal 1 REVision.

What is the all you need achievement?

The all you need achievement is the achievement for hitting 200 mph using the i4 engine. At first this may seem impossible, but with the right setup it isn’t too difficult.

Precursor to starting the build

Before starting the actual build for the car, you have to unlock the west side of valo city by getting into club cheetah. You need the west side of valo city unlocked so the bridge in the part of the route pictured below isn’t blocked off (note that you don’t need to use cheats to make this into a race, the flags are there to show you the start and end points). In my experience, the build is easier to do after fully beating the game as you will probably have more money to mess around with.

Starting the build

To start off the build, you will need to get zed from the dealership. It does appear in the club cheetah dealership, but it has a very low chance of appearing so you may need to refresh quite a lot before you get one. After you get the zed, you only keep the driver’s seat. Strip it off all body parts and glass, as well as the battery and engine. You remove the wheels but keep the stock suspension, as the suspension itself doesn’t seem to matter (however you may also want better brakes).

What to buy in the catalog

For your convenience (or inconvenience if you prefer lists), I have made images of the catalog to show you what you need to buy. If something has red over it, you don’t need that! Note that if a page does not appear in the screenshots, there is nothing you need on that page.

Engine Section

Body Section

Note that body panels 2 or 3 both work, but I prefer 2 as they are cheaper (but only get stock doors)

Running Gear Section


Putting it together

This part should be self-explanatory. Now you get to put everything you bought together!

After putting it all together, go to the car info tab and look at your drag and mass. If your drag is 0.293 and your mass is 947kg, congratulations! You are one good run away from the all you need achievement.

The 200mph run

Once you have your zed fully built, it’s time for the run. Enter valo city at night, as the traffic during the day makes it (almost) impossible. I made a video showing a 200 mph run here

Follow the route I go, making sure not to redline the engine much. Damaging the engine too much could result in enough power loss to not make it to 200. I prefer the small run up then turning into the long straight, however it is possible (although much closer) without it. If you use the run up, start using nos as soon as you hit the long straight. If you arent using the run up, start using nos around middle of 3rd gear to start of 4th gear.

Remember to keep flooring it and hold nos the entire time. Also try to make as minimal adjustments to your steering as possible.


With that, you should be all done driving this zed and have a new achievement for your showcase. If you have any questions or issues, comment them below, and I’ll try to respond when I can. Otherwise, hope this helped and thank you for reading!

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