Train Sim World 3

Train Sim World 3 Controls for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Developer and publisher Dovetail Games has finally launched their newest installment for the Train Sim World video game series, Train Sim World 3. Just like the previous game, Train Sim World 3 comes with lots of actions that you need to perform. To help you get started, this guide will show you the complete list of Train Sim World 3 controls.

The game is currently available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. You can find the controls and other details here.

Train Sim World 3 Controls

To start off this guide, here are the default Train Sim World 3 key bindings for PC. You can skip this section and scroll down to learn about the controls for the console versions.

Alerter / DSD ResetQ
Automatic Brake Decrease;
Automatic Bake Increase
AWS ResetQ
Bell 1B
Bell 2Ctrl + B
Blower DecreaseShift + N
Blower IncreaseN
Cab LightL
Circuit Breaker Close / ToggleCtrl + P
Circuit Breaker OpenCtrl + Shift + P
Couple ButtonCtrl + C
Coupler Lock BackCtrl + Shift + C
Coupler Lock FrontCtrl + C
Cruise Control DecreaseF
Cruise Control IncreaseR
Cruise Control Switch DecreaseCtrl + Shift + R
Cruise Control Switch Toggle / IncreaseCtrl + R
Cylinder Drains ToggleC
Damper DecreaseShift + M
Damper IncreaseM
Ditch Lights DecreaseCtrl + J
Ditch Lights Increase / ToggleJ
Dynamic Brake Decrease,
Dynamic Brake Increase.
Emergency Brake ValveBackspace
Engine ShutdownShift + Z
Engine Startup / ToggleZ
Exhaust Injector Steam Valve DecreaseCtrl + O
Exhaust Injector Steam Valve IncreaseAny Key
Exhaust Injector Trim Valve DecreaseCtrl + L
Exhaust Injector Trim Valve IncreaseCtrl + K
Gauge Lights DecreaseShift + I
Gauge Lights Increase / ToggleI
Gear DecreaseCtrl + D
Gear IncreaseCtrl + A
Handbrake DecreaseShift + \
Handbrake Increase / Toggle\
Headlights Back DecreaseCtrl + Shift + H
Headlights Back IncreaseCtrl + H
Headlights Front DecreaseShift + H
Headlights Front IncreaseH
Horn 1Spacebar
Horn 1 DecreaseN
Horn 2Ctrl + Spacebar
Horn 2 DecreaseCtrl + N
Independent Brake Decrease / Bail Off[
Independent Brake Increase]
Large Ejector DecreaseShift + J
Large Ejector IncreaseJ
Lead SandCtrl + X
Live Injector Steam Valve DecreaseO
Live Injector Steam Valve IncreaseI
Live Injector Trim Valve DecreaseL
Live Injector Trim Valve IncreaseK
Master Switch DecreaseCtrl + Shift + W
Master Switch Toggle / IncreaseCtrl + W
Move to Lap Position/
Next DestinationF8
Next Signal ToggleCtrl + 3
Next Speed Limit ToggleCtrl + 2
Objective Marker ToggleCtrl + 1
Open / Close Firebox DoorF
Open / Close Left Side DoorsY
Open / Close Right Side DoorsU
Open / Close Train Interaction ShortcutsTab
Pantograph LowerShift + P
Pantograph Raise / ToggleP
Previous DestinationF7
PZB AcknowledgePage Down
PZB OverrideDelete
PZB ReleaseEnd
Rear Damper DecreaseCtrl + Shift + M
Rear Damper IncreaseCtrl + M
Reticule Opacity CycleCtrl + 8
Reverser DecreaseS
Reverser IncreaseW
Sand DecreaseShift + X
Sand Increase / ToggleX
Score ToggleCtrl + 6
Shovel CoalAny Key
Signalling Systems EnabledCtrl + Enter
Small Ejector DecraseCtrl + Shift + J
Small Ejector IncreaseCtrl + J
Speed Limit & Signal CycleCtrl + 4
Speedometer / Compass ToggleCtrl + 5
Step Lights DecreaseCtrl + K
Step Lights Increase / ToggleK
Stop Indicator ToggleCtrl + 7
Tap Changer DecreaseCtrl + D
Tap Changer IncreaseCtrl + A
Throttle DecreaseD
Throttle IncreaseA
Uncouple ButtonCtrl + Shift + C
Walkway Crossover BackShift + Y
Walkway Crossover FrontY
Warning Devices EnabledShift + Enter
Wipers DecreaseShift + V
Wipers IncreaseV
On Foot
Hide HUDF1
Interact / (Hold) Drag ComponentLeft Mouse Button
Open Map9
Open Pause Menu / Back / CancelEsc
Take ScreenshotCtrl + F12
Take Screenshot [Dovetail Live]Ctrl + F10
Toggle CrouchC
Toggle CursorRight Mouse Button
Toggle FPSF3
Toggle Head LampL
Toggle ScheduleT
Walk BackS
Walk ForwardW
Walk LeftA
Walk RightD
(Toggle) Front / Rear Boom Camera2
(Toggle) Front / Rear Exterior Camera3
Boom Camera Next VehicleCtrl + Left Arrow
Boom Camera Previous VehicleCtrl + Right Arrow
Camera Menu0
First Person Camera1
Free Cam8
LookMouse Movement
Move Camera BackwardDown Arrow
Move Camera ForwardUp Arrow
Move Camera Left / Boom Camera YawLeft Arrow
Move Camera Right / Boom Camera YawRight Arrow
Reset Camera PositionCtrl + 0
Switch to Next Cab CameraRight Arrow
Switch to Previous Cab CameraLeft Arrow
Zoom In / OutMouse Wheel
Lock / UnlockS
Rotate Turntable LeftA
Rotate Turntable RightD
Switch CCTV Camera FeedW
Train Sim World 3 Controls

Apart from the mouse and keyboard support, the developer of the game has also confirmed that Train Sim World 3 has full controller support on PC. If you’re having some controller issues while playing the game on PC, we recommend that you check our Train Sim World 3 controller troubleshooting guide.

Below, you can find the Train Sim World 3 controls using a gamepad controller. This should also be the same controls for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.


Operation Shift

On Foot


Camera Shift


For the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 controls, unfortunately, we still don’t have the details yet. We will be updating this guide as soon as we get the full in-game controls for the PS5 and PS5 versions of Train Sim World 3. However, you can also refer to the Xbox controls above to give you the idea.