How to Reach 650 RPM in Steam Engine Simulator

It’s very easy to achieve, but you’ll a bit of time. Just get to 300 PSI then open the throttle valve and wait.

How to get 650 RPM

Getting to 300 PSI

  • Fill the tank with water ( hold L )
  • Put heat to 100% ( 1 + SCROLL )
  • Disable relief valve ( press X )
  • Disable brake ( 3 + SCROLL )
  • Open throttle valve 1% ( 2 + SCROLL )
  • Start engine ( hold SPACE ). The Engine should start spinning
  • Now just wait

Getting 650 RPM

If you have 300 PSI do this:

  • Open throttle valve 100% ( 2 + SCROLL ). RPM should reach around 630 RPM now.
  • Refill the tank with water constantly ( hold L ). If you don’t want to hold L, hold it and switch to another program/window it will continue without you pressing a button.
  • Manually turn the engine ( hold SPACE | You can use the same trick as with the water). I don’t really know if this makes a difference.
  • If you followed these steps, you need to wait until it randomly reaches 650 RPM

In my case, the steam engine reached 878.5 RPM.

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