How to Reset and Clear Save Game in Sunrider 4: The Captain’s Return

For players who have played and completed the third instalment of Sunrider (Liberation Day) and have discovered the file called: ‘game_cleared.dat’.


You may have noticed that in your SteamLibrary ‘s Liberation Day folder following completion that there is now a file called ‘game_cleared.dat’ that wasn’t there when you started. This file can be used to unlock a number of bonuses in the fourth instalment of Sunrider (The Captain’s Return) that will unlock once the player enters chapter 5 of the game and is returned to the ship map screen.

The Steps to Follow

There are a number of steps that need to be taken for your save to be detected for this feature:

You will need to take the game_cleared.dat and copy and paste it into: C:\Users\[Your Account]\AppData\Local\Sunrider_4_The_Captains_Return . For this folder to appear you will need to have run the game at least once. You need to ensure the file is dropped into this folder and not one of the sub folders like ‘Localization’ and ‘saves’.

You will then need to edit the name of the file so that it goes from game_cleared.dat to game_cleared.txt . When doing this you will likely be prompted with a notification that you are changing the extension of this file, so long as you have used .txt then this is fine to select yes.

If when renaming the file you are unable to see the .dat element and it only displays as ‘game_cleared’ then you will need to go into the Windows Folder Options and under View ensure that ‘hide extensions for known file types’ is unticked.

After doing this if you had the game running you will need to close it and then relaunch for the changes to take effect, else you’re now run the game as normal.

The Considerations

Please note that you will need to have completed Liberation Day with the extended ending introduced in the Captain’s Edition version (V3.00) to use this feature. Any older versions of the save will not be compatible. You will be able to identify if your save is of the correct version as the last line will say ‘soladefinitelyprotect:’ when viewing it in a text editor. Please also note that user mods can end up writing into this file too and therefore if you see any other lines after the one mentioned above then you will need to remove them in a text editor before then saving the file.

The Unlocks

The awards granted are split into two types and you will be granted one of each based on the file used. This information is provided so that when you unlock an award you can see what conditions were met to achieve it. We’d encourage you not to use this information to manipulate the contents of your file as well as offer a reassurance that the file itself is not necessary either in terms of balance or game experience when it comes to Sunrider 4: The Captain’s Return.


  • Have a game data of any form = 500 credits.
  • If you have a higher percentage of available Prince than Moralist = 500 credits.
  • If you have more than 60 Prince and you killed the diplomats, covered up the massacre at Ongess and Sunk the Legion = 500 credits.

The credits award will stack up to a maximum of 1500 with a minimum of 500.


  • Get 14+ Affection Points and 50+ Prince Points = +1 Icari affection level.
  • Get 19+ Points OR Pick to reconcile with Ava at the end of LD = +1 Ava affection level.
  • Be more moralist than Prince, 18 +Points OR save the diplomats AND tell the truth at Ongess = +1 Asaga affection level.
  • Be more moralist than Prince, 8+ Points with Chigara and don’t stuff Lynn into the cargo box at the end of LD = +1 Lynn affection level.
  • Be more moralist than Prince, 9+ Points and tell Sola you’ll protect her at the end of LD = +1 Sola affection level.
  • Be more moralist than Prince, Tell the truth at Ongess, Take Cosette Prisoner, and Restore the Havoc = +1 Cosette affection level.

If you qualify for more than one girl, then the girl who has the higher normalized affection score will win.

If you qualify for no one, but still did not use the Wishall, Claude will give you a pity affection point.

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