How to Score Over 5000 in Arrow a Row

Hello everyone! In this simple guide, I will tell you how you can manage to achieve a score of 5000 or higher, such as 10k!

How to Score Over 5000

If you’re new to the game, I suggest you play it normally first and try to buy every available upgrade in the shop. This will help you a lot later when playing.

If you’re a player who wants to achieve a score of 5000, which is an achievement, you can easily get yours by following these steps:

  1. Start the game, and when you get the first chest, pick up any bow you feel most comfortable with. It doesn’t matter which one because you will only get a Pet Dragon throughout the game. Pet Dogs are great too, but later in the game, they don’t really help since dogs lack range.
  2. Play the game normally, and remember to always pick the dragon when you get a chest. If you have trouble, you can try to get the Impact Belt since it reduces the damage you take when you hit an enemy.
  3. After you beat the final boss, make sure to pick the 2x Pet Count. After that, you’re good to go! Be careful to aim the dragon fireball too since it will not always shoot at the enemy.

But wait, there’s an even better strategy!

If you want more challenge and want to get a higher score, you can focus on getting the Blue Bow to obtain the Blue Sword upgrade later on. From here, you will need to build your sword every time you get the chance (re-roll the chest if necessary) and don’t forget to get the 2x Sword Count / 2x Sword Damage at the final boss chest.

With the Sword build, I managed to achieve a score of 12k, which took around 30 minutes. But be cautious; if you have an old graphics card, FPS might drop a lot because you’ll be picking up 2x Sword Count and 2x Sword Damage, and the number of swords will decrease FPS.

It’s basically the same, but instead of upgrading the dragon, you can try to upgrade the sword.

Here’s my record for the sword build.

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