How to Solve Bedlam Maze in Demonologist

A simple guide to the Bedlam Maze, which must be maneuvered to exorcise the ghost.

The Initial Step

Once the ghost has been voted on by all players, the secondary objectives become available. The first step is to locate a golden puzzle/painting of a deer head that is also a tree, as seen below. This can spawn on blank walls across the building, and on any floor.

Don’t forget to check the basement, otherwise referred to as Cells, as it can spawn on one wall. The stairway down is directly across from the main entrance, to the right some. The “Pattern A” it refers to is the paper next to the tile maze.

Sliding Puzzle

Once the piece of the deer tree is acquired, the sliding puzzle in Cells is unlocked. It is randomized and there is no set solution. As a tip, try to get one side’s pieces in place first, followed by the perpendicular side, such as the top row followed by the left column. Whichever side you start first, make sure to start with the corner.

If you’re still having trouble, try switching up your directions when sliding pieces. Sometimes the closer it looks, the farther you are from the solution.

How to solve on your own

If you’d like to solve this puzzle on your own, there is a hint to do so in the Cells area, directly left of the sliding block puzzle on the table.

The Layout

In a room to the left of the main entrance, being the left of the two doors along that wall, there is a room containing a sheet with a cryptic puzzle, however I’m sure you’re already aware of that if you’ve found this guide. You can also open the very small door next to the micro tile puzzle and “Pattern A.” I’m not sure if that does anything because I open it by reflex, however it certainly is funny.

Depending on the in-game time, which MUST be viewed with the Pocket Watch item, as the clock on the EMF tracks the actual real-life time on your device, the safe path on the tiles changes. Here are the correct pathways based on the time period.

Tips and Tricks

Remember to not misstep or to misread the pocket watch.

Once the ghost death room is entered on the other side of the puzzle, the third step may be accomplished.

Crossing back over the puzzle can be very disorienting, don’t hesitate to think about it for a bit or trace the steps from the beginning with your cursor.

A roll of electrical tape and a scalpel spawn randomly across the map, and can be on any floor. Don’t forget to check Cells for either item.

There are 5 electrical breakers across the map, 2 of which spawn preemptively with the 2 necessary fuses to complete the exorcism. These can be located but not collected before the 2nd side objective is completed. 1 is located in in the basement near the broken lift. 2 spawn on the first floor, one being on the wall behind the desk on the right and the other being behind the door to the stairs on the right side of the map, and 2 more are on the second floor. Those are on the office to the left of the broken lift and one more behind the stair door, but on the second floor.

Once the scalpel, tape, and 2 fuses are collected, you should return to the ghost death room. You can place the scalpel in the chair and the fuses in the fuse box on the left. There is a cable running along the trim where the wall goes from wood to concrete both from the fuse box and the lever to activate the contraption. One place on the left wall’s wire and one on the right wall’s wire must be repaired, as well as one wire leading from the far wall to the chair.

Once the fuses and scalpel are placed and the 3 locations on the wires are repaired, you can activate the lever and exorcise the ghost. The tiles are completely neutral the moment the lever is pressed with all steps completed. Make sure the animation for the exorcism has started, dictated by a silhouette being in the electric chair.

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