How to Solve Murder Cases in Shadows of Doubt

Discover the art of solving homicides from the esteemed New-Brooklyn Private Investigator, Johnny Slapper. Greetings, Rookie! I’m Johnny Slapper, and I’m here to guide you through the intricacies of solving a murder. Excitingly, we have our first case at hand. Rest assured, I’ll bring you along so you can witness firsthand my approach to cracking this case.

The Case of The Ritual Reaper

We arrive at a dilapidated apartment complex, situated on the first floor. Though we manage to reach the scene before the Enforcers, our timing falls slightly short as they open the security gate just as we arrive. Suddenly, a man emerges from behind and rushes downstairs. Acting swiftly, we grab hold of him by the back of his shirt, hoping to extract as much information as possible. Despite providing his name, he remains uncooperative. He becomes our primary suspect. Moving into the apartment, we are met with a grisly sight—a lifeless woman lying on the floor within a ritual circle. Another woman is already present, but her presence does not offer much insight at this stage. We gather their names and obtain their fingerprints before embarking on a meticulous search of the crime scene. The woman on the floor has been fatally shot with a rifle, and we secure her fingerprints.

During our investigation, we discover three sets of prints: those of the deceased, her partner, and an unidentified third party. It’s time to delve into the individual who hastily descended the stairs. We consult the city directory, successfully locating his address. Excellent! He resides not far from here, occupying the highest floor of a neighboring apartment complex. Knocking on his door, we find him preparing to depart. As he leaves, we conduct a thorough search of his apartment and uncover the prints that match those found at the crime scene. Swiftly pursuing him down the stairs, we apprehend him with a few well-aimed blows to the head and make the arrest. Case SOLVED!

The Case of the Cut-Throat Ripper

Oh, and here we have our next case! Let’s hurry over there.

In the middle of the street lies a lifeless woman, brutally stabbed to death. Among the items near her are a pair of glasses, her business card, and a utility knife. We quickly collect the woman’s fingerprints and compare them to the ones on the knife, but there is no match. However, we have successfully identified the murder weapon. Our next move is to head to city hall and locate a computer with the government directory. It takes us about an hour, but eventually, we find a person whose prints align with those on the knife. Bingo! We have a match. Bursting into the killer’s residence, we apprehend her while she is using the toilet. Case SOLVED!

The Case of the New-Brooklyn Stalker

Here we have another case! It seems the city never rests.

In this scenario, we encounter another unfortunate incident. A woman lies lifeless on the floor of her apartment, having succumbed to a gunshot wound inflicted by a handgun. Despite conducting a thorough search of the premises, we find no fingerprints. Let’s explore her V-mail and letters for potential clues.

To our dismay, we discover that this woman had been reporting instances of a mysterious man stalking her. The V-mails recount instances of someone knocking on her door, and her journal, hidden beneath the bed, reveals her continuous sightings of the same individual everywhere she went. Troubling revelations indeed. Interestingly, she had requested assistance from a hotel staff member to review the surveillance footage. This becomes our initial lead. Breaking into the security office, we examine the tapes, but they yield no significant findings. The only noteworthy observation is the victim entering her apartment a few hours before her untimely demise. Let’s revisit the apartment for another search.

And there it is—a breakthrough! Footprints, size 8, are discovered. However, the shoes found under the victim’s bed are size 9. This provides us with a second lead. But wait… those footprints belong to the enforcer who is guarding the crime scene. How frustrating! It seems we may have hit a dead end, and we’re ready to give up. However, just when all hope seems lost, we stumble upon a single fingerprint concealed within a cabinet drawer. Bingo! We cross-reference it with the government database and successfully identify our killer. Bursting into their residence, we apprehend them while they are using the sink. The killer even confesses to having encountered the victim in their apartment around the time of her death. Case SOLVED!

Bonus Tips

Alright, Rookie. After successfully solving a few murder cases, it’s time to delve deeper into the art of solving homicides. Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Start by thoroughly examining the crime scene. Fingerprints can be invaluable evidence, so check every possible surface meticulously. Remember, even the most skilled killers can make mistakes that leave behind traces.
  2. If there are no discernible fingerprints at the crime scene, turn to camera footage. Many hotels and establishments have surveillance cameras that can provide crucial information about who entered and exited the scene, as well as the timing of their movements.
  3. If the camera footage doesn’t yield any leads, review it once more. It’s possible to overlook fingerprints or footprints that may not belong to the victim but could belong to the perpetrator or an accomplice. Pay close attention to any such details that may have been missed initially.
  4. In the event that you find a fingerprint but have no other substantial evidence, brace yourself for a trip to City Hall. They maintain a government database containing fingerprint information for all citizens. Unfortunately, you cannot search the database directly using the fingerprint. Instead, you’ll need to comb through a vast number of citizen records to find a match.
  5. Trust your instincts. If you observe someone actively fleeing the crime scene, they are likely to be a prime suspect. Use your intuition and judgment to make quick decisions when necessary.

Remember, solving murders is an intricate and challenging task. Pay attention to details, be thorough in your investigations, and trust your instincts. Good luck, Rookie!

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