How to Unlock the TC-1200 in Unreal Tournament 2004

Typically, in order to access the hidden restroom vehicle in the “Vehicle Arena” game mode, you are required to successfully finish the tournament with Mr. Crow. Nevertheless, there is an alternative way to unlock it using the following method.

How to Unlock the TC-1200

Firstly, navigate to the file location “\steamapps\common\Unreal Tournament 2004\System\User.ini” and open the file in Notepad. Then, add the lines provided below at the end of the file:


Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps, the TC-1200 will be available as a vehicle option in the Vehicle Arena mutator for the Onslaught or Vehicle CTF game modes. However, it is worth noting that this vehicle has a slow speed and poor handling, and while operating it, your player status will be listed as “indisposed”.

Additionally, if you want to spawn this vehicle directly, you can do so by utilizing the console command below. To open the console, press the ` key on your keyboard.

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