How to Use and Setup API in Arsenal Online

Learn how to use the Arsenal Online API to access game data.


The Arsenal API allows developers to access game data.

This data can be used to create stat trackers, Discord bots, or your own custom GUI interface.

A basic understanding of HTTP is recommended since the API uses GET requests.

For more info, check the official API page.


First retrieve the currently active API URL.

This URL can change which is why you should first retrieve it from the above TXT file.

Then you can make a GET request to retrieve data using the following format:


Parameters are passed as query strings. Results are passed as JSON objects.


Here you can find all available queries.

Retrieves the top 10 players for a game mode.


Retrieves the top 10 players by total kills.


Retrieves player data by username.


Retrieves currently online players.


Retrieves weapon data by id.


Retrieves mod data by id.


Example Usage

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