How to Win All Shogi in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

If you want to win Shogi matches easily, without planning and think – this guide will help you.

How to win Ranked/Challenge matches

Ranked matches:

It’s pretty simple. You need to open this site and create a match with computer. You also need to select 8 (max) strength for computer and also to make it play first, by choosing Gote (white figure on the right):

After that, match will start you just need to repeat the moves of your computer opponent on the site. Also I’m recommending you to invert the view, by pressing the flip button on the panel to the right:

Challenge matches:

Almost the same strategy, but in the Play with the computer section, you need to change the board so it would be the same as it is in current challenge by pressing From position button and on the image of the shogiboard:

Here you can add, remove, change the position of pieces and etc. by using the panel below or above. When you done customising, press Continue from here and Play with computer.

After that, just launch it as a Gote and do the same as you would do for the Ranked match.

Puzzle shogi – small tips

Always set Turn back off, because it will give you additional 250 pts after win. After completing every puzzle with Turn back off you will get about 20k pts. To get all the important items you need 22.950 pts. You can farm them quickly by completing 1st puzzle with Turn back off – game will not give you more points for the same challenge BUT it will always give you 250 pts after win no matter how many times did you complete the puzzle and can solve the 1st one pretty fast.

Puzzle shogi 1

Puzzle shogi 2

Puzzle shogi 3

Puzzle shogi 4

Puzzle shogi 5

Puzzle shogi 6

Puzzle shogi 7

Puzzle shogi 8

Puzzle shogi 9

Puzzle shogi 10

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