Huntdown Trophies for PS4

Developer Easy Trigger Games and publisher Coffee Stain Studios has released the official Huntdown trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Huntdown, players will be collecting 20 trophies consisting of 3 bronze, 8 silver, 8 gold, and 1 platinum. There is no secret or hidden achievements that can be found in Huntdown. Check out the full Huntdown trophies for PS4 below.

Huntdown Trophies

Bounty HunterComplete all Trophies in HuntdownPlatinum Trophy
MercenaryGet 100% completion in Normal ModeGold Trophy
Contract KillerGet 100% completion in Hard ModeGold Trophy
AssassinGet 100% completion in Badass ModeGold Trophy
HunterDefeat the ShogunGold Trophy
Nose for Easter EggsFind at least 5 secret locationsGold Trophy
Play FetchKill a dog by making it fetch a grenadeSilver Trophy
I can do betterPress the retry button after completing a levelSilver Trophy
Yippee Ki YayComplete a level without picking up any weaponsGold Trophy
Slap ShotGet hit by Nadja Drago's hockey stick and land in the goalSilver Trophy
Cannonball RunDestroy 5 cars at the Overseer's Fume Pit without dyingGold Trophy
Duck HuntKick and shoot 10 enemies with a Shotgun before they hit the ground on one levelSilver Trophy
I'll be backRestart more than 5 times during a fight with a bountyBronze Trophy
Loyal CustomerGet kicked out by Tony 5 times at the same checkpointBronze Trophy
Looks that KillTrash a guitar on Sid HandsomeBronze Trophy
Ain't got time to bleedKill a bounty while having one health point leftSilver Trophy
This is my boom-stick!Kill 10 enemies at close range with a Sawed-off on one levelSilver Trophy
Taste of her own medicineMake Suki the Sniper kill herself with her own missileGold Trophy
Baseball FuryKill 10 enemies with a Baseball Bat on one levelSilver Trophy
Everlasting PatienceWatch all of Wolfmother's briefs without pressing skipSilver Trophy

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